How Wanderlust Helped Me Become the Best Yoga Teacher

What does it take to be the best yoga teacher you can be?

by Kara-Leah Grant And by that I mean the best yoga teacher I can be, not the best yoga teacher in the world. :-) Yes, the four days of Wanderlust were the best four days of my life. It's my ideal way to spend time - hanging in community surrounded by literally hundreds of heart-open people, practicing yoga, listening to music, dancing, eating amazing food and spending time in nature. Oh, and having the privilege of speaking and teaching too. Last year, watching the teachers deliver … [Read more...]

How Deep Do You Really Go in Your Yoga Practice?

The posture is a tool, it is not the yoga itself

by Kara-Leah Grant On Friday, a friend who is a talented healer, did some energy release work on my shoulders. He stood behind me, pressed into each shoulder and breathed. It was a simple technique and yet I could feel pressure evaporating into the ether. Afterwards he shook his head. You had half a ton of pressure in there. I know this. I feel it and I see it in my body when I watch myself on video - this held tension that isn't so much about the muscles but the underlying … [Read more...]

A List of Yoga Scandals Involving Gurus, Teachers, Students, Sex and Other Inappropriate Behaviour

Bikram, teaching.

By Kara-Leah Grant & Lucinda Staniland The last few years have been awash with yoga scandals as well-known yoga teachers and gurus have fallen from grace. I'm not going to add any commentary to this article, it's simple a list of scandals that have happened over the years.  If you know of any that I've missed, please let me know in the comments and I'll add it to the list. This list is in no particular order  except that of my mind and my research. Bikram's on the top, because he was … [Read more...]

How to Break a Pattern of Attracting Emotionally Unavailable Men

Photo: Pete Longworth
Instagram: @pete_longworth

by Kara-Leah Grant It began with Ana Forrest's class Tracking Transformation at midday on Thursday, the first day of Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo. I was wary of taking her class that afternoon as I was doing a Speakeasy at 4:30pm and Ana has a reputation for breaking people open. However, it was my only chance to make one of her classes so I took the risk. Early in class, Ana had us scan through our body, tracking sensation, and seeing what was going on. We were instructed to choose a part … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Submit a Video Testimonial and Win Yoga Books, DVDs & More

Shakti mat

by Kara-Leah Grant Over the years I've collected a large collection of yoga books, DVDs and accessories. Many of them I never use. So I've decided to gift them out to The Yoga Lunchbox community. Plus, the New Zealand distributors of Shakti Mats have kindly offered two Shakti mats as prizes for this competition (see below for information on the Shakti Mat). You may have seen their stall at Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo - now's your chance to get your hands on one of their awesome mats. In … [Read more...]

A Review of Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo 2015

Eoin Finn's class - another stand-out highlight for me. Photo by Ali Kaukas

by Kara-Leah Grant Wanderlust Great Taupo 2015 - everyone I spoke to agreed it was a resounding success and totally exceeded expectations, on all fronts - even the weather! Despite a forecast that promised solid rain for four days, the festival was mostly dry and sunny, only succumbing to drizzle on the final day. Then, it felt therapeutic and atmospheric. The finale event, Xavier Rudd, was held in The Greatest Place (mainstage) - a large tented space with portable flooring and stage … [Read more...]

Reflections on Teaching the Worst Yoga Class of My Life


by Kara-Leah Grant On Saturday I taught my first yoga class in five weeks, as it's summer holidays here and I've been doing just that - holidaying. Possibly it wasn't prudent to take so much time off teaching when I've got a major festival within a week - i.e. Wanderlust. Although as I've been on a Forty Day Practice, my asana practice is stronger than it's ever been. However it turns out a strong asana practice doesn't necessarily make me a stronger teacher. I turned up on Saturday … [Read more...]

How to Use Your Yoga Practice to Cultivate Specific States of Being


by Kara-Leah Grant When Wanderlust asked me to submit four classes to teach at the inaugural four-day festival in New Zealand, I pondered how to theme those classes. One of my yoga students had recently told me how she thought my teaching was Goddess-focused and she always felt like I was helping her step into her feminine power in class. I pondered that for a few days. And then it hit me. I was a long-time Tarot enthusiast and love the symbology and depths of insight revealed in Tarot … [Read more...]

Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Ask Yourself this One Question Instead

Kara-Leah becoming a successful professional speaker

by Kara-Leah Grant It's my first day back at "work" in 2015. I'm starting by renaming "work" as "creation", because that's really what I do. I create. And I love it. I create words, movement, ideas, processes, life and ultimately, myself. This year I'm cranking up the mojo on my speaking career (find out more about booking me here) and I'm working on launching my first webinars. Actually, I was meant to do the webinar thing last year, but I kept putting it off. Out of the comfort zone, … [Read more...]

Duncan Peak on What Modern Yoga Really Is

Duncan Peak

[Editor's Note: This article was originally published March 5, 2014. As Duncan is appearing at Wanderlust NZ & Australia 2015, I've up-cycled it for people to take a second look.] by Kara-Leah Grant I'm loving this interviews series with Wanderlust teachers because every time I've walked away impressed by the yoga teacher I've interviewed. This time, I was talking to Australian bloke Duncan Peak - and he is a bloke in every sense of the word. He went from high school into the military … [Read more...]