Reflections on Teaching the Worst Yoga Class of My Life


by Kara-Leah Grant On Saturday I taught my first yoga class in five weeks, as it's summer holidays here and I've been doing just that - holidaying. Possibly it wasn't prudent to take so much time off teaching when I've got a major festival within a week - i.e. Wanderlust. Although as I've been on a Forty Day Practice, my asana practice is stronger than it's ever been. However it turns out a strong asana practice doesn't necessarily make me a stronger teacher. I turned up on Saturday … [Read more...]

How to Use Your Yoga Practice to Cultivate Specific States of Being

Queen of Pentacles - at home in her world.

by Kara-Leah Grant When Wanderlust asked me to submit four classes to teach at the inaugural four-day festival in New Zealand, I pondered how to theme those classes. One of my yoga students had recently told me how she thought my teaching was Goddess-focused and she always felt like I was helping her step into her feminine power in class. I pondered that for a few days. And then it hit me. I was a long-time Tarot enthusiast and love the symbology and depths of insight revealed in Tarot … [Read more...]

Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Ask Yourself this One Question Instead

Kara-Leah becoming a successful professional speaker

by Kara-Leah Grant It's my first day back at "work" in 2015. I'm starting by renaming "work" as "creation", because that's really what I do. I create. And I love it. I create words, movement, ideas, processes, life and ultimately, myself. This year I'm cranking up the mojo on my speaking career (find out more about booking me here) and I'm working on launching my first webinars. Actually, I was meant to do the webinar thing last year, but I kept putting it off. Out of the comfort zone, … [Read more...]

Duncan Peak on What Modern Yoga Really Is

Duncan Peak

[Editor's Note: This article was originally published March 5, 2014. As Duncan is appearing at Wanderlust NZ & Australia 2015, I've up-cycled it for people to take a second look.] by Kara-Leah Grant I'm loving this interviews series with Wanderlust teachers because every time I've walked away impressed by the yoga teacher I've interviewed. This time, I was talking to Australian bloke Duncan Peak - and he is a bloke in every sense of the word. He went from high school into the military … [Read more...]

Eoin Finn on What Yoga Teachers Really Have to Master

Eoin Finn, teaching at Wanderlust NZ and Australia 2014

[Editor's Note: This article was originally published February 12, 2014. As Eoin is appearing at Wanderlust NZ & Australia 2015, I've up-cycled it for people to take a second look.] by Kara-Leah Grant It's just one month left before Wanderlust NZ and Australia 2014 unfolds. To whet your appetite, I dragged Eoin Finn away from a beach where he'd been indulging in one of his biggest loves - surfing - and got him to talk about his other biggest love - yoga, including what yoga teachers … [Read more...]

The Top Twenty Best Yoga Articles of 2014

Tom Sutherland, an unknown yoga teacher with some interesting reflections on the evolution of the Bikram teaching method

by Kara-Leah Grant Another year, another few hundred articles. And what a year in yoga! We had discussion on the ethic of yoga teachers and students having sex, the myth of the yoga body, the essentials of restorative yoga, the debate over yoga teacher training regulation and the best questions to ask yourself before starting teacher training. Skype video interviews remained popular with Cameron Shayne, Tom Sutherland, Lucas Miles, Amy Ippoliti, Mark Drost & Zefea Samson, Vincent … [Read more...]

Nikki Ralston on The Ralston Method & Wanderlust 2015

Nikki Ralston, founder of The Ralston Method

by Kara-Leah Grant Meet Nikki Ralston, Kiwi Yoga teacher, founder of The Ralston Method, and owner of Urban Ashram in Auckland. She might be lesser-known than many of the big-name yoga teachers I've interviewed for Wanderlust NZ & Australia 2015, but she's the first teacher I've interviewed who's classes are already filling up. At Great Lake Taupo, two of Nikki's classes are already full, and numbers are filling up fast for The Wanderlust Spectacular, which is the opening show on … [Read more...]

The Full Creative Abundance Sun Salutation Sequence

Time to pull it all together

by Kara-Leah Grant Welcome to the sixth and final Creative Sun Salutation Abundance flow video here on The Yoga Lunchbox. This week we put it all together - everything that we've been exploring over the last five weeks. This time, I verbally talk you through two circular sun salutations - once on the right leg and once on the left leg. This is to help you fully learn the sequence. However, once you've got it, forget about watching me and the video and instead play and explore in your … [Read more...]

How Many Years of Yoga Practice Does it Take to Get Flexible?

Duncan Peak at compression in his forward bend.

by Kara-Leah Grant This is an impossible questions to answer - at least, to answer definitively, but I'm still going to give it a damn good crack. And with good reason. Despite the fact that yoga has nothing to do whatsoever with flexibility - that flexibility is side benefit of one's yoga practice and no measure of the depth or strength of one's yoga practice - yoga and flexibility are intimately intertwined in the modern idea of yoga. There's good reason for this. We are … [Read more...]

Jason Te Patu on NZ Power Living Teacher Training & Wanderlust {video}


by Kara-Leah Grant Meet Jason Te Patu, dancer, yoga teacher and proud Kiwi. Formerly a competitive sportsman, representing New Zealand in springboard diving, gymnastics, and aerobics, Jason is now part of the Power Living Australia team and will be joining Justine Hamill in facilitating the Power Living 200HR Yoga Teacher Training, starting in NZ in April 2015. There's a few advantages to the Power Living 200HR teacher training programme - here are just three. The first is that the … [Read more...]