Russell Brand’s ‘Revolution’ – A Book Review, of sorts {Video}

Russell Brand holding a copy of his book Revolution

by Kara-Leah Grant If you prefer video over reading, click here to jump to the end and watch my video review of Revolution. The article doesn't review the book so much as give relevant background.  Russell Brand first entered my consciousness when I saw a clip of him via Facebook being interview on MSNBC (below). In the eight minute interview, he reduced one female interviewer to a quivering heap of hormones with his mere presence while stepping outside the proscribed boundaries of a … [Read more...]

How Bone Compression Prevents Me from Doing Bhujapidasana

My natural wrist extension, with internal force only.

by Kara-Leah Grant I've been aware of the role that bone compression plays in our range of movement since watching a series of Paul Grilley videos on YouTube. Yet despite knowing this intellectually, it wasn't until I attended a Yin Yoga Workshop with Karin Sang and Markus Henning Giess of Yin Therapy that I realised how bone compression was impacting my yoga practice. Over the course of the day, Markus lead us through several bone compression tests so we could determine our natural range … [Read more...]

Is Meditation Dangerous?

is meditation dangerous?

by Kara-Leah Grant I got a call from a journalist at the Waikato Times a few weeks ago who wanted to interview me for an article on the 'pros and cons' of meditation. I wasn't sure if I could help her out - after all, I don't teach meditation - however it turned out she wanted to interview me about my experience of awakening and psychosis. Ah... I was to be the con in the article. Yes, meditation is dangerous, it can send you crazy! I pondered whether to do it or not. I understand … [Read more...]

What Are We Really Doing in Asana? Online Interactive Workshops on Injury Prevention in Yoga

Click the image to find out more.

by Kara-Leah Grant Last August, I interviewed Matthew Remski almost a year ago about his project What Are We Really Doing in Asana?, investigating yoga and injury. He's been doing great work and has interviewed hundreds of yoga practitioners about their history of yoga injury - a topic that was largely taboo or silent until this conversation began. The articles that Matthew has written, and the interviews that he's done, are all going towards a book that he's writing. But in the … [Read more...]

I’m Afraid my Students are Going to Get Bored with my Yoga Sequences

Shiva Rea Balance

by Kara-Leah Grant This came up in conversation this week - a new teacher expressing a fear that her yoga sequences weren't interesting enough and that she was going to be boring her students. She wanted to know how to make her sequences more interesting. However, there is a fallacy of logic here. The teacher has a fear arising - that of boring her students. Her approach to working with that fear is to ensure that the external circumstance triggering the fear is removed - bored … [Read more...]

I Give Up

I give up. An act of surrender

by Kara-Leah Grant I just wrote some 700 words and I realised that I've been telling the same damn story on this website for the past five years. A story of struggling to earn money through teaching yoga and writing. And now, I'm dropping the story and simply saying: I give up. I've had enough. I don't care anymore. I'm going to stop trying to earn a living from writing and teaching. Oh, I won't stop writing, nor will I stop teaching. These things I will continue to do, always and … [Read more...]

Home Yoga Practice Question: How do I Work with Alignment When I Can’t See Myself? {video}


by Kara-Leah Grant Being part of Inside the Box means being a part of the Insider's Private Facebook Group where you can ask me for personal feedback about your yoga practice. This week, Bianca had this question. I always find it difficult to keep my hips balanced without a mirror....where should I feel that I'm balanced? I often get corrected when it actually felt right to me. Seeing it though in a before and after picture I was way off. How do I know where balanced alignment is in my … [Read more...]

A Review of the Shakti Mat – A Modern Bed of Nails

Shakti Mat creator Om Mokshananda sitting on the mat.

by Kara-Leah Grant Running a popular yoga website means I get all kinds of emails from people wanting me to review or share about their yoga-related products and services. My favourite so far was the press release from a company launching a range of yoga shoes. Because we all know you wear shoes while practicing yoga right? So I was skeptical when Jonathan from Shakti Mat New Zealand emailed me ask said he'd send me a free Shakti Mat if I did a review about it. Road-testing, assessing and … [Read more...]

Jonathan from Team Shakti on Bringing the Bed of Nails to NZ

Shakti mat

by Kara-Leah Grant Apparently one in ten Swedish people own a variation of the Shakti Mat - a modern-day rendering of the bed of nails. Consisting of a thin foam filler inside a cotton case mounted with 6000 plus plastic spikes, the Shakti Mat is meant to "increase blood circulation and stimulate the body to release endorphins which help to bring about a deeply relaxed state." And now, thanks to Jonathan and his business partner, who came across the Shakti Mat on a beach in Thailand, the … [Read more...]

How to Prevent the Practicalities Getting in the Way of Your Dreams

Get clear on your dreams and then take action. You will be supported.

by Kara-Leah Grant Over the past decade I've become skilled at working with the unconscious and that which holds us back from realising our dreams. I'm adept at identifying something I would like to experience, and then making it happen. I wanted to write and publish a book. I've now written and published two. I had a dream of teaching Yoga Trance Dance with a live DJ rocking it behind me, and I'm now part of Yoga Rhythms with fellow yoga teacher, DJ and Goddess Rire. I dreamt of … [Read more...]