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Starting - The Foundations of Yoga

Whether you’re brand new to Yoga, or just want to dive a little deeper, our collection of Starting Yoga articles will rapidly expand your understanding of the essential Yoga practices and concepts.

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Teaching - The Business of Yoga

You’re a yoga teacher, or you’re on the path to becoming one, and you’re ready to inquire deeply into the art and ethics of yoga teaching and business.

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Awakening - Creating a More Beautiful World

Maybe you’ve had some awakening experiences and are looking for greater clarity on what they are all about. Maybe you’re curious about Kundalini, or how to integrate Kundalini experiences into ordinary life.

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Deepening - The Yoga of Life

You’ve been practicing yoga long enough to know that it’s about so much more than just physical postures and you’re ready to deepen your understanding and your practice.

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NZ Teacher Training

Choosing who to do your yoga teacher training with is a big decision. It’s not just about the financial cost, or the training location, or the timing. It’s about the people leading the training and the philosophy behind what they do.

We’ve created our Best Guide to NZ Yoga Teacher Training to make your research that much easier. This is your one stop shop to NZ Yoga Teacher Trainings, with a variety of styles represented.

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On Ahimsa, Self-Reflection & Being a Dick

by Nicole Allan, Raw Yoga Yoga, like most things, was and is heavily influenced by the humans who learn it, teach it and live it. Over my years of learning, practicing and sharing yoga I believe that one of the most important things we can do, whether through yoga or ordinary everyday life, is to strive to be better humans. […]

Life, Before and After iRest

by Una Hubbard, I’ll never forget my first encounter with iRest® founder – Richard Miller. I was in the Gold Coast at the first wave of teacher trainings to come to this part of the world, feeling very much out of my depth and wondering if I should even be there – I mean, who was I to think I could […]

A Review of the Valka Yoga Cork Yoga Mat: Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly

by Lucinda Staniland, As the editor of a popular yoga website, I receive a lot of requests to review various yoga-related products. Over the years, this has resulted in me getting a lot of practice at the all-important skill of saying ‘No’. I’ve learned the hard way to only say yes to doing a review when it’s a ‘”hell yes!” […]

How to Optimize the Fascial System to Move, Feel & Live Better

by Ian O’Dwyer, SOMA It interests me greatly to observe the various types of exercises and programs that are prepared and delivered by physical trainers, therapists, coaches and yoga teachers with comprehensive knowledge in their areas. Experience has empowered me to appreciate the difficulty in trying to create success for a large number of people with varied movement challenges or […]

When it turns out Exile was just a Sabbatical • My return to the Yoga World

by Kara-Leah Three weeks ago, after a three or four year sabbatical, I stepped back into a Yoga Studio to teach. I’d stopped teaching because my practice no longer resembled a studio yoga class, and it was impossible to teach something I wasn’t doing. It felt contrived, and wrong. Walking away from teaching felt like walking away from a core […]

Can Yoga Help with Better Sleep? A Q&A with Mark Stephens

by Lucinda Staniland In a restless world, sleep has become something of an elusive creature. Increasingly few of us get enough deep, restful sleep and as a society, we’re starting to see the consequences in our declining physical and mental health. My personal experience of sleep has changed dramatically in recent years. After a lifetime of watching TV, using computers […]

Overwhelm: When You Can’t Escape Your Life, Try Mindfulness

by Angelena Davies “Hello Overwhelm my old friend, I’ve come to talk to you again, Because a vision softly creeping, Left its seeds while I was sleeping.” I often break into song when I feel her coming again.  Overwhelm. With her short breath, her pinched shoulders, her scratchy throat, her distracted conversations (“Mum, are you listening?”) her constant pull to […]

Teaching the Superpower of Rest & Reset with Pregnancy Yoga

by KeiShana Coursey, Opti-mum I’m awake between first sleep and second sleep. It’s 1 a.m., and for the past week I have been nursing the family through high fevers (including some gnarly hallucinations). My body has succumbed to this viral storm, waking with a sore throat and aching joints, and I’ve just taken a truckload of potions which means I […]