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Starting - The Foundations of Yoga

Whether you’re brand new to Yoga, or just want to dive a little deeper, our collection of Starting Yoga articles will rapidly expand your understanding of the essential Yoga practices and concepts.

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Teaching - The Business of Yoga

You’re a yoga teacher, or you’re on the path to becoming one, and you’re ready to inquire deeply into the art and ethics of yoga teaching and business.

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Awakening - Creating a More Beautiful World

Maybe you’ve had some awakening experiences and are looking for greater clarity on what they are all about. Maybe you’re curious about Kundalini, or how to integrate Kundalini experiences into ordinary life.

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Deepening - The Yoga of Life

You’ve been practicing yoga long enough to know that it’s about so much more than just physical postures and you’re ready to deepen your understanding and your practice.

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NZ Teacher Training

Choosing who to do your yoga teacher training with is a big decision. It’s not just about the financial cost, or the training location, or the timing. It’s about the people leading the training and the philosophy behind what they do.

We’ve created our Best Guide to NZ Yoga Teacher Training to make your research that much easier. This is your one stop shop to NZ Yoga Teacher Trainings, with a variety of styles represented.

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Top 10 Best Yoga Articles of 2019

by Lucinda Staniland As the new year begins, I like to take a moment to reflect on all the amazing content that has passed through my hands in the last twelve months. As Editor of The Yoga Lunchbox, I’m blessed to regularly engage with a range of yoga teachers, thinkers and writers, many of them based right here in New […]

Vincent Bolletta on Developing Physical Intelligence Through Yoga

by Lucinda Staniland, Vincent Bolletta, one of New Zealand’s foremost yoga instructors and teacher trainers, has decades of experience in working with movement and yoga. With 30 years of teaching and practice experience, Vincent spends much of his time travelling internationally to teach hañsa Yoga, a unique style of yoga, of which he is the founder, that integrates both eastern […]

Resolutions for 2020 Guided by Yoga

by Sonya Simpson At this time of year, I find myself stepping away from the Asana of yoga and sitting within contemplation of the Yamas. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I stop teaching around now and spend some time living in my caravan at the beach, it could be that school holidays mean that each time I […]

Shambhavi Sarasvati on Direct Realization Tantra & The Play of Awakening

by Kara-Leah Grant I discovered Shambhavi Sarasvati when I went looking for Tantra books to deepen my knowledge of the Trika Shaivism lineage. I found The Play of Awakening, which is an accessible, enjoyable, gem of a book. I felt like I was sitting in satsang with Shambhavi, and had many insights and a’ha! moments through reading her words. I […]

Dr Scott Lyons on Somatic Stress Release, Trauma & Boundaries

by Lucinda Staniland It’s always fascinating to touch base with Dr. Scott Lyons (DO, PhD, MS, MFA, CHT, BMCP/T, RSMT, SME, BMCP, IDME, SEP, CST, BFA, RYT-500), co-founder of Embodied Flow. Scott has done a lot of academic learning (as evidenced in that extremely long string of letters after his name!) but the thing that is so refreshing and surprising […]

The Yoga Teachers & Studios Who Won Big at the NZ Exercise Industry Awards

Yoga was well represented at this year’s New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards. Justine Hamill of Wellington’s Awhi Yoga won the prestigious Mind Body Instructor of the Year award, and Christchurch yoga studio, Adapted Yoga and Pilates won both the Studio of the Year and the Supreme Facility of the Year, beating local and international gym franchises to take out the […]

Why Meditating WITH The Body is So Important

by Dyana Wells, Open Ground School of Meditation & Somatic Enquiry In the modern world, there is a tendency for us to live exclusively through our conceptual minds. We live in bubble worlds of thoughts and emotions, rather than in the world of direct experience.  The body, however, experiences itself and the world directly. It is shaped – moment to […]

Announcement: Mind Body Instructor of the Year Finalists 2019

It’s that time of year when we publicly honour and celebrate the Yoga and Mind Body teachers who are making an impact in their communities. These are teachers who are deeply present and connected, intimately know their stuff and share it with passion and delight. Collectively they have helped thousands of people to access holistic mind body practices that calm, […]