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Starting - The Foundations of Yoga

Whether you’re brand new to Yoga, or just want to dive a little deeper, our collection of Starting Yoga articles will rapidly expand your understanding of the essential Yoga practices and concepts.

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Teaching - The Business of Yoga

You’re a yoga teacher, or you’re on the path to becoming one, and you’re ready to inquire deeply into the art and ethics of yoga teaching and business.

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Awakening - Creating a More Beautiful World

Maybe you’ve had some awakening experiences and are looking for greater clarity on what they are all about. Maybe you’re curious about Kundalini, or how to integrate Kundalini experiences into ordinary life.

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Deepening - The Yoga of Life

You’ve been practicing yoga long enough to know that it’s about so much more than just physical postures and you’re ready to deepen your understanding and your practice.

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NZ Teacher Training

Choosing who to do your yoga teacher training with is a big decision. It’s not just about the financial cost, or the training location, or the timing. It’s about the people leading the training and the philosophy behind what they do.

We’ve created our Best Guide to NZ Yoga Teacher Training to make your research that much easier. This is your one stop shop to NZ Yoga Teacher Trainings, with a variety of styles represented.

Latest Articles

The Gratitude Project – a week of practices to manifest your dreams

By Joleen Lunjew, of Asia Pacific Yoga Gratitude. What a simple practice. Yet, so powerful.  My partner Steve and I have always practiced gratitude. If you’ve been on one of Asia Pacific Yoga Teacher Trainings or dinners with us, you know that we’ll always practice ‘joyasana’ before eating – our way of saying thank you for our meal and all […]

Svastha Yoga Aotearoa

200-hour Teacher Training & Personal Wellbeing Program The Svastha Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training program is isn’t just for aspiring teachers but for anyone who wants to deepen their personal practice and gain a better understanding of the system of yoga and its transformational power.  We offer a modern approach to ancient wisdom via a comprehensive study of yoga […]

Kai is Core – how we can nourish our future communities, now

By Michael Reynolds, of Roimata Food Commons and Toha Kai I have been working at the intersection of community development, food justice & sovereignty, and long term systems thinking for nearly 10 years.I am a big picture thinker, a creator, a doer and a companion within ecologies. I love seeing life thrive… Our food system is broken, which may not […]

Flow Yoga

Mindfully Yin 50-hour Teacher Training, led by Fiona Liu and Sal Flewelling Our signature 50 hour yin yoga teacher training is specifically designed to help you confidently teach yin classes-in just two weekends . Whilst we spend time diving deep into yin asanas, our real ‘mahi’ is connecting you back to your heart. We believe that when you’re supported by […]

Clean Your Glasses with Meditation

“The way one see’s life, is like looking through a pair of glasses, formed at a young age. The colour of the lenses distort what is seen. Meditation is a method to clean the glasses so that the view is clear” By Swami Karma Karuna Saraswati Perception of life is based on everyone’s unique societal, cultural, and family programming, called […]

Love Yoga

250hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with, Debi Hendra The LoveYogaNewZealand Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga RYT 200-hour teacher training is a highly reputable, comprehensive course that provides a rite of passage of insight, self discovery and growth. It is a wonderful journey to embark upon that integrates not just into your practice and teaching, but into your life. Sign up in the knowledge that you will emerge […]

Asia Pacific Yoga

200-hour Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training, led by Steve Hall, Joleen Lunjew & Guest Teachers You’ve got a great passion for yoga and you’re ready to take your practice to the next level. Maybe it’s time to take the next step to becoming a certified yoga teacher so that you can fulfill your dream of doing what you love for a […]

Why Trauma Informed Yoga?

By Nicole Allan, lead trainer at Kawai Purapura Yoga School A ‘Trauma Informed’ approach to yoga has been slowly making its way onto the yoga scene for a number of years now, offering invitation and choice at every opportunity. For those who are not aware of this approach, it may seem nuanced, or something for a limited few who appear […]