Yoga Explorations #2: Child, a posture of internal wisdom

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Child, a place to retreat from the world and go within

by Kara-Leah Grant

There’s nothing flashy about child’s pose.  It’s unlikely to ever grace the cover of Yoga Journal magazine. No one ever gets all excited about how awesome their child posture is either.

But child’s pose is the rock of a home practice. Its the place we turn to when there is no other place to go, it’s the place we go when we want to come home to ourselves, and it’s the place when we find our internal source of power.

This week, I’ve been experiencing grief and sorrow. It always amazes me how much energy this takes us, and how exhausted and worn out I feel as a result. It’s these time where we need to be kind to ourselves, and recognise that spending ten minutes in child is a beautiful home practice.

Of course, when we allow ourselves the gift of surrendering into child, just for a moment, just for five minutes, something magical happens.

The very act of stopping, and breathing, and being with our own infinite wisdom, feels so pleasurable and so delicious that we want to stay.

This is the magic of child’s pose.

And this is why I’m chosen it as the second exploration in this series. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done yoga before. Child is always there, waiting for you to come home.

Yoga Exploration Series with Kara-Leah Grant, Introduction to Child

Yoga Exploration Series with Kara-Leah Grant, Child, the Posture of Infinite Internal Wisdom

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