Yoga Explorations # 3: Music can move us into our practice

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Music can move us into our yoga practice

Music can move us into our yoga practice

by Kara-Leah Grant

Joy’s been on my mind this week. Mostly because I was noticing a lack. Understandable – my life has been intense, on many levels, over the last few weeks. Seems just when I think I’ve got one area or aspect mastered, the stakes are upped again. That’s cool. I can deal. But if I don’t watch it, I can also get way too serious.

Fortunately, I also have a magic tonic. Anytime I start getting too somber, too depressing, too serious, too stressed out, too hung up on life’s ups and downs… I know I need to put some music on.

Music soothes the savage beast right? Music opens up my soul. It gives me space to breath, gets me out of my head, and reminds me that life is an extraordinary gift. When the music goes on, there’s the joy again.


And I even practice yoga to music. Yep, that’s right. Have for a long time. And used to feel real guilty about it. Real yogis don’t use music, don’t you know? Then I met Twee Merrigan, and Prana Flow, and by extension, Shiva Rea. Seems the way I’d intuitively been practicing had some grounding and substance to it.

So I ditched the guilt and embraced the idea that sometimes music is just what I need. Not always. But sometimes.

The same might be true for you, and your home practice. If you’re finding it tough to get on the mat, see what happens if you put on a favourite track. Something that makes your heart open and your soul soar. Overtime, using the same music to practice yoga creates a positive samskara, or pattern. It helps you drop down into that connected state of being as soon as you hear the first bars.

This week, with music playing, I explore simple vinyasa – the act of linking breath with movement.

Yoga Exploration Series Intro 3: Using music to unlock your practice

Yoga Exploration Series 3: Linking breath with movement using the arms

*Music: Teyata by Deva Premal

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  1. Richard says

    I would hate to think what the world would be like without music :-). Before finding other techniques like yoga, music was the only way that I could find breathe , calm, and clarity. In fact i sometimes do it with singing songs that hold long notes (inhale-exhale) usually when I am by myself though. Combination of all three in my space I know is something that is ever growing. Thanks for the reinforcement Kara-Leah.
    Enjoying your video teachings :-)!

    • Kara-Leah Grant says

      Hey Richard,

      Oh a world couldn’t exist without music… I’m sure it was sang into existence! Great to hear you’re enjoying the videos, really awesome to get some feedback.


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