Am I quitting, or letting go? Apply discernment here.

Going inward

by Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat This morning I woke up, ready to film the new video for my PledgeMe Campaign. I'd had a great Skype session last night with the videographer, Nick Tapp, and he'd been fabulous. I'd been excited when we'd hung up, excited when going to bed. But this morning, I just felt tired. I felt tired as I got my son ready for childcare, tired as I organised dropping my car off to the mechanics for repairs. Tired as I came home and checked my inbox, and my … [Read more...]

The danger of thinking you know more than your yoga teacher

Practicing at home can be less challenging

Back in February, I wrote an article called Why I may never take another yoga class ever again. And true to my word, I hadn't been to a class in six months, instead practicing daily at home. One of the reasons I'd been steering clear of classes was that in class I'd struggled with being told what to do by a teacher. Often it felt like what my body needed and what the teacher was sequencing wasn't right for me. But a few weekends ago I went to two yoga classes at a yoga studio that's … [Read more...]