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Anmol Mehta demonstrates Infinite Energy and Prosperity Meditation

Anmol Mehta demonstrates Infinite Energy and Prosperity Meditation

If you’re working on a home practice, one fantastic, free, online resource is Anmol Mehta’s blog, Devoted to the Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment and Kundalini Yoga.

His depth of knowledge on these subjects and his generousity in offering free online detailed courses with feedback have turned me on to a regular meditation and pranayama practice.

Under his online guidance, I feel confident in knowing that I am doing it right.

Current courses available on line include:

I have done all three of these, and loved each one for different reasons. As a yoga instructor, I found it simple to translate Anmol’s written instruction into practice, but even if you’re just starting out with a yoga practice, Anmol is always quick to reply to any queries via the comments.

However, Anmol’s blog is about far more than instructing yogis – even if you don’t do yoga or meditate at all, there is still something for you. (Although you may find yourself drawn to starting a practice after spending time on his site!)

It was his articles that first got me hooked – gems like Stop the Madness of Self-Discipline, and The True Purpose of Relationships. He employs a well-honed technique of using parables to make his point in a subtle ‘ah huh’ kind of way.

For a blog that launched in January 2007… Anmol has got a HUGE amount of content already posted. Check out the Articles tab at the top for a well-organised list of everything on the site. You could read for days and still barely make a dent.

It’s perhaps his personal tales of life that over the most insight into what it’s like to live an enlightened life. I’m sure Anmol would instantly dismiss any notion that he is enlightened, but in a world of relativity, there is far more light emanating from his being than your average Joe.

I loved his piece Today I Finally Passed the Test and Have Officially Become a Man, which revealed a sly depreciating sense of humour. And as a meditator I could totally appreciate the article My Time at an Osho Retreat When My Body Disappeared. (And what great titles!)

Anmol’s About page reveals that same sense of humour. He describes himself in the following manner:

“Although looking from the outside, he would appear to be a happily married, father of two, enjoying his profession, meditation, yoga, sports, computer games (especially RPGs and Strategy), music, dance, nature, writing, friends and lucid dreaming‚Äì all of which is absolutely true ‚Äî looking from the inside he is nothing but a servant to his endless passion for the wonders and mysteries of the Reality that transcends time and existence.”

He goes on to say:

“In this website, he provides the tools, knowledge, inspiration and wisdom needed to help you live your life at your highest potential and discover your True Divine Nature and the One Absolute Reality. Feel free to share with him your comments or ask him questions, just be aware that once you get him yapping about the Art of Meditation, he may not stop.”

Going by the individual and succinct lay out of his site, I first thought Anmol might not be using a blogging platform and in fact does it all himself – yet at the bottom it says powered by WordPress and designed by Cordobo.

It’s a clean, easy to navigate site with a calm feel – perfect for his subject area. His innovative use of comments to capture the enthusiasm his readers have for his site is smart marketing, and for the first-time reader, a quick glance to the right assures them they are in the right place.

If you haven’t yet surfed over to Anmol’s site, there are plenty of links to start with already in this article. But just in case, here are a few more.

My current top three picks of Anmol’s site:

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