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Interested in classes, workshops, events or one-on-one sessions with Kara-Leah? You're in the right place - send a message and KL will get back to you within a few days. Ditto if you want to book Kara-Leah for a speaking engagement.

We also love getting feedback about articles, videos and other content. Kara-Leah reads every email that comes through. Where possible, she does try and respond personally to feedback, but again, due to sheer volume, often it's not possible. But know that we've read your email and we're really appreciative of the time it took you to write it. Hearing how articles have impacted you make our day.

Due to the sheer volume of emails that Kara-Leah & The Yoga Lunchbox receives, we can't give personal advice on your yoga journey, where to hold retreats, what yoga teacher training to do, or give advice on your Kundalini experience. If you do want to consult Kara-Leah on anything to do with yoga, you can book a Skype session with her for $NZ120/hr or $NZ70 for 30 minutes. Just state that's what you'd like to do in your query.

If you're looking for information on Yoga Teachers, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Classes, or Events please refer to the links below.

If you're looking for yoga classes in your area, try using the search bar on this website with the name of your town plus the words "yoga teacher". That should bring up any yoga teacher profiles for your area.

If you want to know about finding work as a yoga teacher, please contact studios directly.

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