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Starting - The Foundations of Yoga

Whether you’re brand new to Yoga, or just want to dive a little deeper, our collection of Starting Yoga articles will rapidly expand your understanding of the essential Yoga practices and concepts.

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Teaching - The Business of Yoga

You’re a yoga teacher, or you’re on the path to becoming one, and you’re ready to inquire deeply into the art and ethics of yoga teaching and business.

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Awakening - Creating a More Beautiful World

Maybe you’ve had some awakening experiences and are looking for greater clarity on what they are all about. Maybe you’re curious about Kundalini, or how to integrate Kundalini experiences into ordinary life.

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Deepening - The Yoga of Life

You’ve been practicing yoga long enough to know that it’s about so much more than just physical postures and you’re ready to deepen your understanding and your practice.

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NZ Teacher Training

Choosing who to do your yoga teacher training with is a big decision. It’s not just about the financial cost, or the training location, or the timing. It’s about the people leading the training and the philosophy behind what they do.

We’ve created our Best Guide to NZ Yoga Teacher Training to make your research that much easier. This is your one stop shop to NZ Yoga Teacher Trainings, with a variety of styles represented.

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The Yoga Teachers & Studios Who Won Big at the NZ Exercise Industry Awards

Yoga was well represented at this year’s New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards. Justine Hamill of Wellington’s Awhi Yoga won the prestigious Mind Body Instructor of the Year award, and Christchurch yoga studio, Adapted Yoga and Pilates won both the Studio of the Year and the Supreme Facility of the Year, beating local and international gym franchises to take out the […]

Why Meditating WITH The Body is So Important

by Dyana Wells, Open Ground School of Meditation & Somatic Enquiry In the modern world, there is a tendency for us to live exclusively through our conceptual minds. We live in bubble worlds of thoughts and emotions, rather than in the world of direct experience.  The body, however, experiences itself and the world directly. It is shaped – moment to […]

Announcement: Mind Body Instructor of the Year Finalists 2019

It’s that time of year when we publicly honour and celebrate the Yoga and Mind Body teachers who are making an impact in their communities. These are teachers who are deeply present and connected, intimately know their stuff and share it with passion and delight. Collectively they have helped thousands of people to access holistic mind body practices that calm, […]

Feeling it in Your Bones: How to Explore the Skeleton in Yoga

by Paul Cohen, Bone Yoga I love inquisitive questions, particularly those that change the way we look at our bodies and challenge us to have a different focus and relationship with ourselves. Not just in the gross movement of our structure but also the more subtle engagements including different ways to use our breath to support movement. So what is […]

Tongue Scraping: Does it Really Work?

by Lucinda Staniland If you try to sell me something, I will always approach it with a healthy dose of skepticism. And for good reason. In our consumerist world, I am constantly bombarded with “life-changing” devices and programs, many of which fall more than a little short of their magnificent marketing claims. In my experience, it ALWAYS pays to ask: […]

A Return Home – I hoki mai ki te wā kāinga

by Jase Te Patu, Awhi Yoga & M3 Mindfulness for Children They say that the practice of yoga is a return to self, our true nature, a return home!  Almost four years ago, I packed up my life in Australia and returned to Aotearoa to share my personal love and practice of yoga with our people. Little did I know […]

Yoga of Action! How to Embrace Kriya Yoga for Positive Change

This is post 11 of 11 in the series “Hauora Yoga Conference 2019” by Heather Robinson There is something in yoga practice, isn’t there, which brings us in touch with ourselves. It is a fascination often motivating us to practice – a positive action. So… Let’s take positive action with our practice of yoga. And what would that action look […]

Pranayama: It’s Not All Mung Beans & Tofu

This is post 10 of 11 in the series “Hauora Yoga Conference 2019” by Mary Watson, My passion for Pranayam was fostered during a 3-year sojourn at the Sivananda Yoga Centre/Ashram in Henderson, Auckland, in the mid-1980s; over 34 years later, I still feel excited about it. To this day, the old tradition of unifying body, mind, and breath into […]