January 15: Art & Science of Music – Kirtan In-Depth with Chakradhyan


 Dive deeper into the power of music as you fine tune and enhance your  skills as a kirtanist, receiving constructive feedback and guidance. “Kirtan is a very powerful way of accessing the depths of your being and tasting a drop of the pure self, but what is more beautiful is that you share that experience with the group through the energetic expression of your voice… and we all can feel that.” An immersion in kirtan and chanting where you will have the opportunity to expand and practice … [Read more...]

January 10: Music Workshop – Kirtan for Beginners with Chakradhyan


Connect with the joy of music and self-expression as you discover your skills as a kirtanist. "You can hear peoples’ hearts in their voice. My job is to open up my own heart so that people can feel theirs and find their heart sound. We can all sing. We all have the ability to find our voice and sing from the heart." ~ Chakradhyan Kirtan is a practice of Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound and Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of the heart and emotions. In Kirtan, mantras are chanted in a call-and-response … [Read more...]

You’re Un•BAL•anced… 4 easy ways to bring more balance to your life without really getting off your butt.

How do you find your balance?

by columnist Gabrielle Harris, The Suburban Yogini Ever since I was publicly declared 'unbalanced' I got to thinking …… how can I go about getting my balance on? Here is a sampler of treatments from the suburbs: Therapy number one: Yin Yoga After discovering that according to Ayurvedic science my dosha was pitta (fire and energy) I became aware that to find more balance in my life I needed to jump off the power yoga treadmill and sit on my butt for long periods of time letting my … [Read more...]

June 8 – July 6: Anahata Yoga Retreat, Seva Month -Selfless Service

Seva Month at Anahata Yoga Retreat

During the month of June we are celebrating "Seva" month, a special theme for each week, culminating with the celebration of Guru Poornima on the full moon. Stay for 1 or all 4 weeks. Experience yogic lifestyle through active immersion into the daily life of Anahata. Receive support and a daily focus in guided intimate group sessions. Learn yogic principles to increase harmony and productivity in daily life. Enjoy regular yoga and meditation classes as well as ancient ceremonies and a mountain … [Read more...]