Yoga Explorations: Playing on the Mat with Kara-Leah

Unlock your home practice! Join Kara-Leah in short videos as she explores a different posture or aspect of yoga every week. Learn how to use curiosity and playfulness to expand your home yoga pactice.

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Yoga Explorations #1: Unlock your home practice

Yoga Video Exploration Series for Home Practice

by Kara-Leah Grant Last week, I published an article called Free your pelvis and the rest will follow. I'd written this at the request of a long-time loyal reader who was having lower back issues. In the article, I included a short video of me talking about using yoga to heal, and written explanations for seven ways to explore the pelvis and spine. The article was a big hit, and it's now inspired this new series designed to support you in your home practice. For many of, the idea of … [Read more...]

Yoga Explorations #2: Child, a posture of internal wisdom

Child, a place to retreat from the world and go within

by Kara-Leah Grant There's nothing flashy about child's pose.  It's unlikely to ever grace the cover of Yoga Journal magazine. No one ever gets all excited about how awesome their child posture is either. But child's pose is the rock of a home practice. Its the place we turn to when there is no other place to go, it's the place we go when we want to come home to ourselves, and it's the place when we find our internal source of power. This week, I've been experiencing grief and sorrow. It … [Read more...]

Yoga Explorations # 3: Music can move us into our practice

Music can move us into our yoga practice

by Kara-Leah Grant Joy's been on my mind this week. Mostly because I was noticing a lack. Understandable - my life has been intense, on many levels, over the last few weeks. Seems just when I think I've got one area or aspect mastered, the stakes are upped again. That's cool. I can deal. But if I don't watch it, I can also get way too serious. Fortunately, I also have a magic tonic. Anytime I start getting too somber, too depressing, too serious, too stressed out, too hung up on life's ups … [Read more...]

Yoga Explorations #4: The Imperfect Self

Am I doing this perfectly?

by Kara-Leah Grant I'm starting to dig this video making process. Finding my groove, opening up, getting comfortable... all of which makes me feel better about being on video, which makes me better on video. It's kinda like starting yoga. When we first start, or even think about starting, we're uncomfortable, we're closed off and shut down, we're tight, we're afraid, and often these feelings are so strong, we don't start so we don't have to face them. But the only way to learn … [Read more...]