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Should I Tell Students it’s My First Class Teaching?

by Kelly Fisher, Urban Yoga Kelly is our resident yoga teacher mentor, answering questions from readers about how to teach and what to do when issues come up. You can email Kelly your question here. The Yoga Teacher’s Question: “Should I tell the students it is my first class teaching?” Kelly … [Read More...]

What is Yoga Trance Dance™? It’s coming to Auckland!

by Kara-Leah Grant If you know me, you know I love dancing. Always have, ever since I saw Flashdance at age 8, and got hooked on the original Fame TV series. That was me... always dancing. But there was never any chance I could become a professional dancer because I had zero flexibility, plus at … [Read More...]

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Master Yoga Teacher Donna Farhi

Insight into experiences from a Donna Farhi workshop

by guest author Sue Grbic, Director, Albany Yoga Room  For many students the experience of working with Donna Farhi for the first time is a truly transforming experience which amounts to nothing less than a paradigm shift in their yoga practice. What is it that brings about such change? I … [Read More...]

Am I doing this perfectly?

Yoga Explorations #4: The Imperfect Self

by Kara-Leah Grant I'm starting to dig this video making process. Finding my groove, opening up, getting comfortable... all of which makes me feel better about being on video, which makes me better on video. It's kinda like starting yoga. When we first start, or even think about starting, … [Read More...]

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Kelly Fisher in uttatasana

How to set an intention for your practice

by guest author Kelly Fisher, Urban Yoga, Wellington From a yogic point of view, the process of setting a sankalpa (an intention) goes a little like this. Step one: Set a positive intention, focusing on the results you want, rather than thinking about what you don’t want (as tends to be the … [Read More...]

James Bryan in kapilasana

How do I begin to meditate?

By Guest Author James Bryan, of Knoff Yoga For those of us who practice Hatha Yoga (asana, pranayama and meditation), when we are pressed for time, meditation often gets set aside – we want to do it, but how to fit it in our busy day?  To get the full benefit of what Hatha Yoga offers, we do need … [Read More...]

Breathing into a twist helps us mindfully move deeper without wrenching our body. Demonstrated by YLB Reader Kay Gries

What does it mean to “breathe into it” in yoga?

by Kara-Leah Grant There's loads of phrases which yoga teachers toss around willy nilly that after time cease to have any real meaning. Phrases like: Surrender into the pose Let your heart open Find your centre Honour yourself Let yourself come into a place of... Honour yourself … [Read More...]

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Learning to wait, and wait, and wait some more

by guest author Nadine Fawell, a Melbourne-based yoga teacher, blogger, and author of the yogAttitude cards. She is most interested in yoga's power to heal body, mind, and spirit. I was very sick a while back. I was too ill to leave the house … [Read More...]

The rainbow of chakras

Chakra Vinyasa: Meeting the Energy Body

You've seen the colours and the shapes - geometric designs in vibrant shades on yoga clothing, jewelry, and various yogic accoutrements. Teachers may have asked you to direct your attention to the 'third eye' between your eyebrows, or asked you to … [Read More...]

Home Yoga Practice

Yoga pose for an over-active mind

How to Calm an Overactive Mind with Yoga

by Kara-Leah Grant There are days when I spend too much time commuting, too much time on my computer, and have far too many balls in the air. My mind feels like it's going a million miles a minute, flitting first from one thing, then to the … [Read More...]