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Yoga Cure Institute

Why Bikram Isn’t the Only Heir To The Ghosh Lineage

By Tom Sutherland, Traveling Yogaman I left my small, humid, rotting Calcutta hotel room at 6:00am and set out on a mission to find the historical center of yoga therapy established by the late Yoga guru Buddha Lall Bose in 1937, the Yoga Cure Institute. Publicly, little is known about the Yoga … [Read More...]

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Kara-Leah in meditation

Ten Free On-Line Guided Meditations

Welcome to my list of guided meditations - I have done, and enjoyed each of these meditations. Regular meditation is a wonderful way to start to shift from a place where your mind is your master, to a place where you master your mind... And if you've never meditated before, it's useful to … [Read More...]

Music can move us into our yoga practice

Yoga Explorations # 3: Music can move us into our practice

by Kara-Leah Grant Joy's been on my mind this week. Mostly because I was noticing a lack. Understandable - my life has been intense, on many levels, over the last few weeks. Seems just when I think I've got one area or aspect mastered, the stakes are upped again. That's cool. I can deal. But if I … [Read More...]

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Who am I really?

Exploring the Niyamas: How does Svadhyaya affect our lives?

by Kara-Leah Grant I've been pondering the yamas and niyamas for a few years now. Reading about them, thinking about them, writing about them... and of course, living them out. The niyama on my mind right now is Svadhyaya, often translated as study. Seems to sum up my entire approach to yoga … [Read More...]

Hot Yoga, located in Nelson & Wellingto

How to choose the right yoga studio for you

Been thinking about starting yoga for ages now but feeling overwhelmed by the range of classes, teachers & studios on offer? Not sure of where to start? Here's a few tips to get you off the procrastination flow and into the yoga flow. … [Read More...]

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Lara Hedin, Yoga Peeps

Profile of Lara Hedin: Author of Yoga Peeps

I am so inspired by what Lara Hedin is doing with her yoga website, Yoga Peeps. Launched in February 2006, Lara interviews yogis from all over the world and shares the results via podcast -sometimes to an audience of over two thousand (and … [Read More...]

Home Yoga Practice

Extended Side Angle Pose in Bali (Mmm, Bali)

Kickstart 2010: Setting a sankalpa (intention)

Today is the first new moon of 2010 and I am celebrating - as I've already explained - by giving myself a little bit more of what I need. I'm beginning a new 30 day cycle of sadhana or committed yoga practice. Some of you are coming along with me … [Read More...]