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Meditation heals

How Yoga Helped Me Emerge From the Darkness of Depression

By Astrid Vause I have been practicing yoga for a while now, in fact I am a yoga teacher, but it wasn't until I got sick that I fell deeply in love with this beautiful practice and it's healing powers. It was a warm sunny and vibrant day in my new home in Los Angeles and my children were … [Read More...]

The posture is a tool, it is not the yoga itself

How Deep Do You Really Go in Your Yoga Practice?

by Kara-Leah Grant On Friday, a friend who is a talented healer, did some energy release work on my shoulders. He stood behind me, pressed into each shoulder and breathed. It was a simple technique and yet I could feel pressure evaporating into the ether. Afterwards he shook his head. You … [Read More...]

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Twee Merrigan teaches an on-line Prana Flow Yoga Class

I was delighted to receive Twee Merrigan's latest newsletter as it included a link to a recently-posted twenty minute on-line Prana Flow Yoga class. Yeah! It's so exciting to be able to watch Twee, and get some inspiration for my home practice, and for the classes I'm teaching. It's the first … [Read More...]

Australian Yoga Life Magazine Cover

The top six best yoga magazines in the world

By guest author Lucinda Staniland Yoga magazines, both on and offline, are an awesome way to deepen your understanding of yoga, and get exposed to a range of perspectives and viewpoints. When I read yoga magazines I feel more connected and engaged with the incredible world-wide community (see … [Read More...]

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Child, a place to retreat from the world and go within

Yoga Explorations #2: Child, a posture of internal wisdom

by Kara-Leah Grant There's nothing flashy about child's pose.  It's unlikely to ever grace the cover of Yoga Journal magazine. No one ever gets all excited about how awesome their child posture is either. But child's pose is the rock of a home practice. Its the place we turn to when there is no … [Read More...]


Drishti and The Relativity of Truth

by Melissa Billington How you’re looking is how you’re going to see it. And how you’ve seen it is how you think it should be. Unless you see it and change it. A story is not just a story. It’s your view to life itself. Your interpretation creates your world. This is a quote from my play, … [Read More...]

Yoga God

What is this yoga stuff all about?

Yoga. It's not about twisting yourself into a pretzel - although many who practice yoga can manipulate their bodies in incredible ways. It's not about going to classes and learning how to do this posture, or that breathing technique - although practicing asana and pranayama is part of … [Read More...]

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Home Yoga Practice

Yoga pose for an over-active mind

How to Calm an Overactive Mind with Yoga

by Kara-Leah Grant There are days when I spend too much time commuting, too much time on my computer, and have far too many balls in the air. My mind feels like it's going a million miles a minute, flitting first from one thing, then to the … [Read More...]