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Pausing & dropping into presence. Photo Credit: Pete Longworth | The Visual Storyteller

Saying No to the Cult of Busyness

by Kara-Leah Grant I've long been aware that I've had a particular way of operating in the world that doesn't serve me. I'm addicted to getting things done. To being productive. And it comes from being in my head, rather than from being. There are some big gains from this particular behaviour - … [Read More...]

Jennifer Allen of Jayayoga

Jayayoga: How to Use Yoga as a Life-Long Tool for Self-Care

by Kara-Leah Grant I spoke to Jennifer Allen of Jayayoga last year in a video interview about her yoga teacher trainings. Jayayoga's mantra is 'safe, sustainable yoga' and is built on Jennifer's 15 years of  personal development, yoga teaching, and teacher training. Her focus is on understanding of … [Read More...]

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What’s Real Yoga & a Real Yogi?

Karen Le Cussan

An Ordinary Life: An Experience of Awakening

By Karen Le Cussan A little over a week ago I had the most amazing experience of my life, something which has now changed forever the way I see the world and how I feel. Before I go into any detail, I'd like to tell you a little about myself: I am forty nine years old, and I am married with three … [Read More...]

What's hip in the world of yoga?

Will you still be doing yoga at 90?

by guest author Emma Furness, owner of the Dunedin Yoga Studio I recently attended the Yoga Aotearoa IYTA convention in Auckland.  This was a wonderful opportunity to connect into a wider yoga community – a community that included teachers that had been teaching and practicing yoga for more years … [Read More...]

Yoga Cure Institute

Why Bikram Isn’t the Only Heir To The Ghosh Lineage

By Tom Sutherland, Traveling Yogaman I left my small, humid, rotting Calcutta hotel room at 6:00am and set out on a mission to find the historical center of yoga therapy established by the late Yoga guru Buddha Lall Bose in 1937, the Yoga Cure Institute. Publicly, little is known about the Yoga … [Read More...]

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Practicing Yoga

Day 1 to 7: Forty Day Sadhana of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

It's one week into my forty day Sadhana and I am loving it. No matter what is going on in my day, no matter how I am feeling, I know I can take eleven minutes out to myself to do this practice of sodarshan chakra kriya, and afterward I always feel better. One of the most noticeable benefits … [Read More...]

Kara-Leah relaxing on the YoGoBolster

Review of YoGoBolster, made by Kiwi company YoGoGear

Ever tried to go traveling with a yoga bolster? A mainstay prop for Iyengar practitioners, and beloved by many other yogis, a bolster provides support for restorative-style yoga poses held for lengthy periods of time. And it's heavy, bulky and plain tough to manouvere around in the local yoga … [Read More...]

Meditation with Mark Whitwell

What’s it like to attend Lightning in a Bottle Festival?

by guest author Jonnie Halstead, Picnic Events Lightning In A Bottle is not a festival... It's another freak’n planet! A fourth dimension where only the weird and wonderful flourish. This is not for the faint of heart. There’s the odd eye-opener mixed with a lot of near nudity. But the beauty … [Read More...]

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The World of Yoga

Beautiful video but a disservice to yoga?

No More Dancers Doing Yoga on Youtube

In celebration of  the launch of The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga, I’ve invited some friends and colleagues to write articles relating to the theme of the book’s subtitle: Because yoga is for every body. It’s one way of helping to smash the image … [Read More...]