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Time to pull it all together

The Full Creative Abundance Sun Salutation Sequence

by Kara-Leah Grant Welcome to the sixth and final Creative Sun Salutation Abundance flow video here on The Yoga Lunchbox. This week we put it all together - everything that we've been exploring over the last five weeks. This time, I verbally talk you through two circular sun salutations - … [Read More...]

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Australian Yoga Life Magazine Cover

The top six best yoga magazines in the world

By guest author Lucinda Staniland Yoga magazines, both on and offline, are an awesome way to deepen your understanding of yoga, and get exposed to a range of perspectives and viewpoints. When I read yoga magazines I feel more connected and engaged with the incredible world-wide community (see … [Read More...]

A tale of fantastical happenings

Top Five Yoga Books in My Library

A few weeks ago I published an article listing my Top Ten best yoga websites and articles on the web. People loved it - and they wanted more, so this is a follow-up. Again, in no particular order, these are my top five yoga books. I own every one of these books, and refer to them again and … [Read More...]

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Shiva Rea

What style of yoga is Prana Flow?

Taught by Master Yoga Instructor Shiva Rea, Prana Flow is a liberating, evolutionary, rhythmic, vinyasa flow class that encompasses mudra, chanting, bandha, pranayama, meditation, asana, kriya and a whole lot of fun. … [Read More...]

Organised, clean cupboards are an aspect of our yoga practice... yes really!

Exploring the Niyamas: How does Saucha affect our lives?

by Kara-Leah Grant Over two years ago I made a commitment to live out each yama in my life and write about the experience. That series Applying the Yamas to Daily Life has been cornerstone content for The Yoga Lunchbox and has also been published in Asana Journal. Now, at the prompting of my … [Read More...]

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Opening into a variation of Cobra

A tale of Mat Resistance, and practicing anyway

By Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat Mat resistance. Happens to the best of us, no matter how long we've been practicing. Here's a glimpse into a moment of mat resistance in my life. Notice how I respond to it, notice the process, notice … [Read More...]