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Surrendering to Kundalini, and Shiva. Photo Credit: Pete Longworth

When Kundalini Awakens. Now What?

by Kara-Leah Grant Recently, I sat down cross-legged to do my daily Kashmir Shaivism Tantric* practice as I have done every day for the past 150+ days. More if you count my first attempt at hitting 1000 Day Practice, when I got up to Day 338. This practice has become very familiar to me. … [Read More...]

The mala beads that weren't... and then were. Available here.

The Mysterious Case of the Mala Beads that Weren’t

by Kara-Leah Grant A beautiful set of mala beads made their way into my hands a year or so ago. They are gorgeous. I've put them on so many times, tried them with this outfit and that. Yet every time... I end up taking them straight back off. They look amazing. But there's something about it … [Read More...]

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What’s Real Yoga & a Real Yogi?

Swami Satyananda

Growing in Faith: Impressions of Maha Samadhi

by guest author Jignasu sanyasin Karunananda (Claudia Ruschel Lima) Being present in the Maha Samadhi (conscious leaving of the body) of a being like Paramahansa Satyananda is a remarkable and indescribable experience but will I try to share it here. Swami Satyananda in life was tireless in … [Read More...]

Yoga Cure Institute

Why Bikram Isn’t the Only Heir To The Ghosh Lineage

By Tom Sutherland, Traveling Yogaman I left my small, humid, rotting Calcutta hotel room at 6:00am and set out on a mission to find the historical center of yoga therapy established by the late Yoga guru Buddha Lall Bose in 1937, the Yoga Cure Institute. Publicly, little is known about the Yoga … [Read More...]

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Practicing Yoga

Child, a place to retreat from the world and go within

Yoga Explorations #2: Child, a posture of internal wisdom

by Kara-Leah Grant There's nothing flashy about child's pose.  It's unlikely to ever grace the cover of Yoga Journal magazine. No one ever gets all excited about how awesome their child posture is either. But child's pose is the rock of a home practice. Its the place we turn to when there is no … [Read More...]

You want me to put that where?

The Best Way to Collect Menstrual Blood – the Mooncup!

by guest author Lori-Ellen Grant, Wholebody Health If you’re anything like me, you may never have heard of the Mooncup – despite it being the best method of collecting menstrual blood out there. I was 25 years old before I heard of it, and I have to wonder why? Is it because women just … [Read More...]

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Dancing can create positive samskaras

Confessions from a living room dancefloor

I love to dance. Really love to dance. It's been my passion ever since I was eight years old and first saw Flashdance. There was something about that movie, and the main character that sang to my soul. Here was a woman who defied the mainstream in … [Read More...]

The World of Yoga

Anna Guest-Jelley

Five Ways Yoga Improved My Body Image

As I prepare for the launch of The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga (on sale now), I've invited some friends and colleagues to write articles relating to the theme of the book's subtitle: Because yoga is for every body. It's one way of helping to smash … [Read More...]