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Donna Farhi

Donna Farhi on Why Your Yoga Teacher is Not Your Friend

Donna Farhi, author and yoga teacher, as interviewed by Kara-Leah Grant Donna Farhi is a world renowned yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for thirty nine years, and teaching it since 1982. She lives here in New Zealand but teaches intensives and teacher trainings internationally, and is … [Read More...]

Albert Einstein

The Benefits of Yoga: Are They Proven By Science?

By Lucinda Staniland The benefits of yoga are well advertised. We hear that yoga will help us (among other things): lose weight, breathe better, live longer, have better sex, recover from depression, cure sciatica, heal our digestive system, build core strength, alleviate back pain, heal mental … [Read More...]

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Thank you all for a great year with YLB

The Top Twenty Best Ever Yoga Articles of 2012

by Kara-Leah Grant, editor and founder of The Yoga Lunchbox This is it folks, the definite list according to Google Analytics of the Top Twenty articles published on The Yoga Lunchbox this year (as of December 12th). Reading through this list and seeing the work of my colleagues and friends, … [Read More...]

A tale of fantastical happenings

Top Five Yoga Books in My Library

A few weeks ago I published an article listing my Top Ten best yoga websites and articles on the web. People loved it - and they wanted more, so this is a follow-up. Again, in no particular order, these are my top five yoga books. I own every one of these books, and refer to them again and … [Read More...]

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Dru Yoga is coming to New Zealand

An Introduction to Dru Yoga & Why Yoga is So Good For You

by guest author and Nelson Yoga teacher, Sue Cleaver Yoga for Stress Stress is an epidemic worldwide and Kiwis don’t escape from it either. An international survey by the Regus firm found that 60 per cent of participants were experiencing more stress-related illnesses at work, such as headaches … [Read More...]

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A new yoga class needs tending

How to grow a successful new yoga class

by regular columnist Elissa Jordan, Adventures in Teaching Lots of things have been happening in my yoga teaching world over the past few months. I’ve been quitting classes, starting classes, transitioning classes, having classes covered for me and … [Read More...]

Wellington Yoga Teacher Bruce Foley

Wellington Yoga Teacher: Bruce Foley

One aspect of running this site I'm really enjoying is the people I'm meeting along the way - people like Bruce Foley. He appeared a few weeks ago and began leaving thoughtful, in-depth and at times controversial comments on various articles. Here … [Read More...]

Home Yoga Practice

Enjoying a restorative shoulder stretch

Kickstart 2010: No pain, no gain?

No pain, no gain? We’ve been trained to think this way – to believe that we have to suffer in order to achieve anything of real merit. We’ve been taught to believe that things that come easily are not worth as much as those things that we … [Read More...]