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is meditation dangerous?

Is Meditation Dangerous?

by Kara-Leah Grant I got a call from a journalist at the Waikato Times a few weeks ago who wanted to interview me for an article on the 'pros and cons' of meditation. I wasn't sure if I could help her out - after all, I don't teach meditation - however it turned out she wanted to interview me … [Read More...]

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Forty Days of Yoga launched this year

The Top Twenty Best Yoga Articles of 2013

by Kara-Leah Grant, founder & editor of YLB Wow. What a year. In February, YLB launched an electronic version of Forty Days of Yoga, and in April due to popular demand, went to print. In June, the MYOGA Basics Series Photobook & CD was launched in both electronic and hard-copy, and … [Read More...]

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Music can move us into our yoga practice

Yoga Explorations # 3: Music can move us into our practice

by Kara-Leah Grant Joy's been on my mind this week. Mostly because I was noticing a lack. Understandable - my life has been intense, on many levels, over the last few weeks. Seems just when I think I've got one area or aspect mastered, the stakes are upped again. That's cool. I can deal. But if I … [Read More...]

Yoga Teacher Jessica Powers

Turning Yin – an insider’s look at Yin Yoga

by guest author Jessica Powers While my official Yoga anniversary celebrates the January 2001 DVD sale that got me started, I was doing Yoga back in high school without knowing. In the afternoons I would come in the kitchen door, drop my bags on the table and carry on into the dining room: I … [Read More...]

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New Zealand Yoga Teacher Ross

Mount Maunganui Yoga Teacher: Ross Howatson

After number of years overseas teaching at a variety of places, including Pure Yoga in Asia, Ross has returned to New Zealand to spread the yoga joy here. He opened the first Bikram studios in Auckland and the Mount and is back teaching at the … [Read More...]

Yoga pose for an over-active mind

How to Calm an Overactive Mind with Yoga

by Kara-Leah Grant There are days when I spend too much time commuting, too much time on my computer, and have far too many balls in the air. My mind feels like it's going a million miles a minute, flitting first from one thing, then to the … [Read More...]

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Enjoying a restorative shoulder stretch

Kickstart 2010: No pain, no gain?

No pain, no gain? We’ve been trained to think this way – to believe that we have to suffer in order to achieve anything of real merit. We’ve been taught to believe that things that come easily are not worth as much as those things that we … [Read More...]