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What is Yoga Trance Dance™? It’s coming to Auckland!

by Kara-Leah Grant If you know me, you know I love dancing. Always have, ever since I saw Flashdance at age 8, and got hooked on the original Fame TV series. That was me... always dancing. But there was never any chance I could become a professional dancer because I had zero flexibility, plus at … [Read More...]

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Tiger eye mala beads

Mala Beads for Autumn Yoga and Meditation

by guest author Jacqueline Medalye of Salt Spring Malas and Yoga Jewelry Autumn is a transition time of year. As daylight becomes shorter, days become colder, and we feel like it is time to retreat from the world, our yoga and meditation practice can become a source of strength, vitality, and … [Read More...]

Swami Ji on Love and Happiness

DVD Review: Love and Happiness

See the end of this review for a chance to win a copy of Love and Happiness. I’m a sucker for snail mail. I’ll take just about anything if it’s going to come in the post. So when I was offered up a copy of Swami Govindananda’s Love and Happiness DVD I jumped at it. A few days later a lovely … [Read More...]

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Breathing into a twist helps us mindfully move deeper without wrenching our body. Demonstrated by YLB Reader Kay Gries

What does it mean to “breathe into it” in yoga?

by Kara-Leah Grant There's loads of phrases which yoga teachers toss around willy nilly that after time cease to have any real meaning. Phrases like: Surrender into the pose Let your heart open Find your centre Honour yourself Let yourself come into a place of... Honour yourself … [Read More...]

Shiva Rea

What style of yoga is Prana Flow?

Taught by Master Yoga Instructor Shiva Rea, Prana Flow is a liberating, evolutionary, rhythmic, vinyasa flow class that encompasses mudra, chanting, bandha, pranayama, meditation, asana, kriya and a whole lot of fun. … [Read More...]

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Opening into a variation of Cobra

A tale of Mat Resistance, and practicing anyway

By Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat Mat resistance. Happens to the best of us, no matter how long we've been practicing. Here's a glimpse into a moment of mat resistance in my life. Notice how I respond to it, notice the process, notice … [Read More...]