The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga: Because yoga is for Every body

Sneak preview of the new book! The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga

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How many people do you know that tell you “I’ve been meaning to try yoga for a few years now?”

Maybe you’re one of those people.

Maybe you have friends who are one of those people.

There are hundreds and thousands of people out there in the world who would like to practice yoga.

They’ve heard about it from friends, seen it in the media and something in their hearts just knows that practicing yoga would be a good thing for them.

But for whatever reason – and there are many different reasons – these people who want to get into yoga don’t.

They don’t go to class and they don’t find a teacher or a studio.

One of the main reasons for this is that going to your first yoga class – or tenth – can be intimidating and scary.

Yoga is a pursuit that revolves around our bodies – and how many of us have body image issues or shame about our  bodies?

Yoga also involves a different language, it involves what can seem like strange rituals or etiquette and there’s all the different styles, lineages and texts. How confusing is that?

Plus going to yoga means we have to be a beginner and walk into a situation where we know nothing – we have to be willing to be less than perfect and vulnerable. That can be scary too!

I was fortunate when I had my first experience of yoga. Despite facing many of the same barriers that you might to my first yoga class – I was in pain and really inflexible – I had a friend who encouraged me to come, brought me to class and literally handheld me through my first ten-week course. Thanks to his compassion and presence, I knew I’d found something that was going to be integral for the rest of my life.

This is why I’ve written The No-More Excuses Guide to Yoga – I wanted to be that friend for the hundreds and thousands of people out there in the world who want to try yoga, and have the means and access to do so, but are intimidated or afraid of going to their first class.

Stepping into your first yoga class is stepping into the great unknown.

  • What will the teacher be like?
  • What will the yoga be like?
  • What will I be asked to do?
  • What if can’t do anything?
  • What if I …fart?
  • Or burst into tears?

With a copy of No-More-Excuses in your back pocket, you’ll already know all the answers to these questions.

While going to your first class will still be stepping the great unknown, you’ll feel like you’ve got a wise and compassionate friend on call to help you through.

Now maybe you have been to yoga before, but something about the teacher or the style or even the room turned you off and you had a bad experience.

You know you want to try yoga but you’re afraid of having another bad experience. How do you find the yoga that’s right for you? No-More-Excuses has this covered too.

Not only is there a guide to the main yoga styles you’re likely to come across, but there’s also chapters on the different paths of yogas and the different limbs of yoga.

Paths? Limbs? What are these things?

Before No-More-Excuses – even if you’ve been going to yoga for a while – you may not have any understanding of yoga history, philosophy or concepts. Yet a basic understanding can help you navigate your way through the world of yoga and find the path, limb and/or style that’s right for you.

If this were a bookshop, I bet you would have picked up The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga, flicked to the contents, read a few pages and be on your way to the till now.

The difficulty of buying online is you can’t hold the book in your hands and dive in while standing in the store.

However, you can click this link and see a PDF of the contents and introduction - enough to give you a clear idea of exactly what is in this book, and what is not.

If you get to the end of the introduction and want to keep reading, it’s clear you need to buy No-More Excuses.

If not for yourself – maybe because you’re already going to yoga on a regular basis – then for your best friend, your wife, your husband, your mother, your father, your daughter, your son, your boss, your employee.

What better gift to give than the gift of yoga – whether it’s for yourself or for someone you love?



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Sneak preview of the new book! The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga

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Before I unleashed The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga on the world, I invited a selection of friends and colleagues to read the book and give me their unvarnished opinion. Here’s what some of them had to say:

mark_smile“Kara-Leah Grant’s commitment to you and Yoga is astounding. She is holding your hand and leading you to the healing power of intimate connection. Kara-Leah is persisting and insisting that you can be completely intimate with the pure intelligence and beauty of your life. Your Yoga practice will be actual, natural, non obsessively and daily! It  is your direct embrace of the wonder that is your own reality.Let Kara-Leah lead you in this adventure that will transform you and transfigure you to the light and love that is our natural state.” ~ Mark Whitwell, author of Yoga of Heart and The Promise.

Benjamin Lorr “Curious about yoga, but afraid to try? In The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga, Kara-Leah Grant introduces you to the fundamentals, talks you through your doubts, and pushs you to take the most important step of all: unrolling a mat and starting a practice.” Benjamin Lorr, author of Hell-Bent: Obsession, Pain, and the search for something like transcendence in Bikram Yoga

Nikki Ralston Yoga Teacher“I often say to my students that the hardest part of yoga is actually getting on your mat. In this book Kara-Leah helps you to break through some of that resistance that may be holding you back, plus it’s a great go-to book to understand more about the practice of yoga, history, myths and styles.  In Kara-Leah’s trademark no-nonsense approach, she manages to keep things clear and interesting, communicating from her first hand experience – she has literally been there as the student and experienced the full spectrum of the yoga journey. This book is a perfect companion for the modern yogi.  As Kara-Leah says “This shift of consciousness is available to every one of us – it is the natural evolution of a human being.”.” ~ Nikki Ralston, The Ralston Method, Auckland NZ

kelly fisher yoga teacher“A wonderful primer for the hesitant beginning yogi, offering a wealth of information in Kara-Leah’s inimitable, accessible style.” ~ Kelly Fisher, Director of Urban Yoga, Wellington NZ

Gemma Carroll Yoga Teacher“A Yoga teacher needs to be humble enough to continue their own journey of learning and healing, and brave enough to share it with those they teach. Kara-Leah shares her learning in a lighthearted, clear and accessible way. There is reassurance and advice for the novice Yogi, further detail for the experienced Yogi and reminders for teachers too.” ~ Gemma Carroll, Akasha Yoga Studio, Dunedin NZ

“This is a great tool for people who just can’t seem to get started with yoga. Written from experience Kara-Leah gives you  numerous ways to get past the road blocks that seem to prevent many people from walking into their first yoga class.The book gives insights into many misconceptions about yoga, and answers numerous questions about terminology that may baffle. It’s set out in a methodical and insightful manner, and will keep you on track to enjoy the many benefits that regular yoga will bring to your life.” ~ Colin Clements, Australia Yoga Life

Marianne Elliott Yoga teacher and writer“Kara-Leah has a rare ability to write about yoga in a way that is accessible, relevant and entertaining, without oversimplifying or sensationalising her subject. Her passion for yoga, and for setting straight the many myths that surround and obscure the practice, gives vitality to her writing and her ability to cut through our excuses to the real reasons we avoid yoga is enlightening. Her ‘no excuses’ approach to yoga may not work for everyone, but anyone who has toyed – or toiled – with beginning and sustaining a yoga practice will relate to, and find something useful in, this book. I highly recommend it.” ~ Marianne Elliott, author of Zen Under Fire

Ben Ralston“This book is easy to read as a glass of water is easy to drink on a hot day. And just as valuable. Kara-Leah’s words flow from a deep wisdom that is the result of a life lived authentically. She shares that wisdom, the essence of Yoga, generously, and I am privileged to have been one of the first to read it.” ~ Ben Ralston, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Writer

Melissa Billington“I have been steeped in spiritual practice since early childhood and have witnessed the exponential growth of yoga as an industry in the US, and also abroad, as I’ve been living and teaching overseas since 1999. We in the Western world are now blessed with a wide variety of choice. This enables each individual to align with the most suitable practice, at any given time, for him or her. However, this blessing of choice also becomes the challenge to know where to go, before you go. How do you know what to look for when this world of yoga is new to you? And as yoga becomes more of a marketplace, how can you separate the gold from the dross? I’ve had the pleasure of coming to know Kara-Leah over the past 6 years and I’ve seen close-up how she lives the process that is Yoga. In her latest book, she supports you in stepping safely and confidently into the ever-changing stream of Yoga. This is a valuable go-to manual for anyone confounded by not only the glittering new yoga, but also the complexities of the ancient yoga. Dive in, and welcome to the journey!” ~ Melissa Billington, creatrix of MYOGA—freedom to unfold,

Did you download the preview of the book?
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I’m donating $1 from every print sale and 5% of all online sales of The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga
to the Yoga Education in Prisons because I love the work that these yoga teachers do.
They really are bringing yoga to the people.