How to be a Better Yoga Teacher

Conversations about the art of teaching yoga with experienced yoga teacher Kelly Fisher.


How to find your guru

Are you a failed yogi if you don’t have a Guru or a Real Yoga Teacher? Kara-Leah explores the nuances of discipleship.


How to organise an awesome yoga event

Event organising for yogis! Kara-Leah gives her top tips on how to organise and promote your yoga event.


How yoga helped me: Stories of transformation

Yoga Lunchbox readers tell their stories about how yoga has changed their life.


Insights into Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Jenifer Parker of Healium

Elissa Jordan shares her experience of, and insights into, an advanced yoga teacher training.


Jonnie Halstead: The Inside Story on Wanderlust New Zealand & Australia

Join Jonnie Halstead as he explores yoga and music festivals abroad, before signing a deal to bring Wanderlust to New Zealand and Australia.


Kickstart your year by committing to yoga

Prana Flow yoga teacher Marianne Elliot kickstarts 2010 with thirty straight days of yoga. Join her for fun, pain, and discovering what happens next.


Kundalini Awakenings: Symptoms, Process, Benefits, Support & Help

Whether you’ve had a Kundalini Awakening, are curious about the process of awakening Kundalini, think you might have some of the symptoms of a Kundalini Awakening or are looking for support for a Kundalini Awakening, you’re in the right place.


Men, Relationships, Lust, Desire & Obsession

Where does desire arise from? How does it take us over? Can we desire deeply without being attached? Kara-Leah takes an unflinching look at these questions through the lens of her own relationship with desire & men.


Rolling with Gangaji and how she scuttled my boat

Guest author Alys Titchener writes about meeting the American spiritual teacher Gangaji.


The Beginner's Guide to Yoga

Are you new to the yoga world? Kara-Leah writes about everything you need to know as you begin your yoga journey.


The Business Side of the Yoga Mat

Keeley Mitchell takes us on an intrepid journey to that new and exciting place…the business side of the yoga mat!


The Community Speaks: Yoga Influencer Roundups

People of influence in the NZ & Australian yoga community share their stories and perspectives, generating meaningful and constructive dialogue in the yoga community.


The Journey & Brandon Bays

The inside story of Brandon Bays’ journey to healing and what it’s like to attend one of her seminars


The Sacred Feminine and Yoga

Swami Karma Karuna writes about what it means to be a “gracious woman”, and how yoga and the sacred feminine are connected.


The Yoga of Business: Goals, Clarity, Values & Commitment

Can you live your yoga, and make a living from it? Business owner Jenifer Parker says yes, and gives tips on integrating the principles of yoga and business.


Top Yoga Resources

Want to find the best yoga resources out there? Check out The Yoga Lunchbox’s favorite yoga videos, books, and magazines


Wanderlust Video Interviews

Interviews with past and future yoga teachers at the ever wonderful Wanderlust NZ, a worldwide music and yoga festival.


What are My Yoga Online Classes like?

Lessons learned from Jessica Powers’ experience with online yoga classes.


What's 'Real' Yoga?

Kara-Leah says she may never take another yoga class again… Find out why, and how yoga teachers respond.


Working with a Sankalpa

Four yoga teachers share their insights into the power of sankalpa, the process of setting a positive intention for your yoga practice.


Yoga Exploration Series: Abundance Sun Salutations

A six-part video series giving you the precise instructions you need to practice Abundance Sun Salutations series in your home yoga practice. Learn how to cultivate a sense of abundance on your yoga mat.

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