Accessible Yoga: Taking Yoga out into the Community.

There are many people excluded from attending yoga classes and studios due to a wide variety of circumstances. But there are also many yoga teachers and studios who are noticing these gaps and bringing yoga directly to groups to remove the barrier of access. Find out about some of these teachers and get inspired to start you own community outreach yoga classes.


Adventures in Teaching

Elissa Jordan’s series explores her insights into teaching yoga, focusing on her adventures as a newbie teacher.


All-time Most Popular Articles

The most popular Yoga Lunchbox articles ever written. Check out readers’ favorite articles about earthquakes, great bodies, kundalini awakenings, and more.


Applying the Niyamas to Daily Life

How do the niyamas show up in day-to-day life? And what are they all about anyway? Kara-Leah embarks on an exploration of the niyamas in real life


Applying the yamas to daily life

Join Kara-Leah in an experiment in which she attempts to integrate the yamas into her daily life. One week, and one yama, at a time.


Basic Sun Salutations In-Depth Video Series

An in-depth look at each posture in Sun Salutations, including video instruction. The first two articles in the series are free for anyone to access, the remaining four are Premium Content and only viewable by Insiders.

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Because Yoga is for Every Body

A series of articles written by some leading yoga teachers and writers from around the globe focusing on how yoga is for Every body and what the yoga community can do to become more inclusive of those who may feel excluded from yoga .


Creative Circular Sun Salutations

Join Kara-Leah as she teaches specific breath techniques for working with postures from the inside out. Over the course of six weeks she’ll teach you a complete circular sun salutation to play and explore with at home.

The first two articles in the series are free for anyone to access, the remaining four are Premium Content and only viewable by Insiders.

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Does yoga help you lose weight?

Guest author Jude Mahood reveals the truth about yoga and weight loss.


Experiences of Power Living Yoga Teacher Training

Kara-Leah shares her experience of attending a six-day Power Living Retreat in Bali as part of her 500hr Yoga Teacher Certification.


Experiences of Prana Flow Teacher Training in LA

What’s it like to attend a yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea? And how might it change your life? Kara-Leah Grant tells all.


Forty Days of Chakra Kriya Sadhana

Kara-Leah commits to forty days of a regular yoga practice. Join her as she explores the joys and challenges of sadhana.


Forty Days of Heart-Opening Kriya

Kara-Leah embarks on a heart opening forty day sadhana. But what does it really mean to open your heart?


Forty Days of Infinite Energy & Prosperity

What is it like to practice an Infinite Energy and Prosperity Meditation for forty days straight? Kara-Leah finds out.


Forty Days of Loving Kindness Meditation

Kara-Leah celebrates the power of sadhana, and commits to a loving-kindness meditation for forty days.


Forty Days of Yoga: Commit to Your Practice

The ultimate home yoga practice book and all the articles that have been written about it. Plus all the articles that have been written in support of your home yoga practice.


Global Mala

What is it like to do 108 sun salutations in a row? These articles explore the what it’s like to participate in the Global Mala yoga event


Heart Chakra Yoga Practices

Jessica Powers explores yoga practices to help you turn towards, open up your heart chakra, and flow into backbends.


Home Yoga Practice Questions Answered on Video by KL

Kara-Leah answers your home yoga practice questions with a short article and video.


Hot Yoga 40 Day Challenge

Hazel Slade commits to forty days of sweating profusely in a room full of people while twisting her body into unusual positions. Will she make it?


How do I become a yoga teacher?

Kara-Leah Grant asks “How do I go about becoming a yoga teacher?” and the yoga teachers respond.


How much is a yoga class worth?

What happens when you offer yoga classes for koha? Kara-Leah finds out.

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