Where does desire arise from? How does it take us over? Can we desire deeply without being attached? Kara-Leah takes an unflinching look at these questions through the lens of her own relationship with desire & men.

I’m only woman when there should be man as well


By Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat Cut wide open. Seems a potent time to write. Learning to not make drama out of the drama. I'm up. I'm down. It's all just a ride. Hang on, stay centered, don't forget to take in the view. It's relentless. Designed that way I guess. No time to come up for air, except the time you make. There's always time. I know that. Talk about it in my book. Yoga. That's the time we make. God knows how single parents survive without yoga. Yoga's my secret … [Read more...]

Do I dare open into the belly of my own desire?

Connecting Kiwis up with opportunities to deepen their yoga practice is what event listings are all about

by Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat I'm sitting in the Picton Ferry Terminal, about to head over to Wellington for my second book launch event. The first was at the International Yoga Conference and Festival at Kawai Purapura last weekend. It was both a blissful and challenging experience, and - as always - a learning experience. The bliss came in teaching a class to 40+ eager yogis and feeling the flow alongside them. It was such a joy to share my teaching and my yoga. It was … [Read more...]

Oh the obsessive, compulsive, lusting nature of deep desire

That man has a knowing about him... damned sexy

by Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat I went to a party a few weeks ago. A man sat down beside me. We talked. And we talked. And at some point I looked into this man's eyes and thought, damn you're an intelligent, witty bastard. That's always the first step for me. Desire can never arise unless a man is smart and sharp and somehow knowing. But that's not all that there needs to be. I've known intelligent, sharp, witty men before whose company I really enjoyed. I knew they were … [Read more...]

Why Letting Go is a Crucial Aspect of Loving Well

Pain is love

by Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat It's the summer of 2000 and I've just come back to Whistler, BC after nine weeks living on the side of a volcano in Maui. I'd been on a mad adventure with a man I'd meet waitressing that winter in Whistler - but that's another story. My life is packed full of stories from that time, many of them involving men. I was young, carefree and a permanent traveller. It was four years since I'd graduated my Journalism Course and bailed on New Zealand, … [Read more...]

Can We Love Freely Without Attachment?

Can love be free of attachment?

by Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat Five months ago, I wrote a raw and emotional article called I'm Only Woman When There Should be Man as Well. It was the beginning of me opening up to the possibility of relationship again after being mostly single for over two years, since leaving my son's father. That article sparked the series Men, Lust, Desire, Obsession and Compulsion as I dove head first into my own relationship with men, desire and relationship. With several long-term … [Read more...]

How to Consciously Face into Relationship Issues with Love

Relationships inevitably involve conflict.

by Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat I'm shaken to write this article barely three weeks after exploring the concept of loving without attachment. In that article, I faced squarely into the possibility of losing my man in order to  let go of the fear and attachment I had around our love. And yesterday morning, my man packed his bags and left. Not because he doesn't love me deeply - he does - but because he can't take on my son as well. Stepping into a parenting situation with a … [Read more...]

Can We Manifest our Way into True Love? (How about Yes!)

Relationship manifested?

by Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat Six months ago, I decided I wanted to step into relationship again. No big deal right? But when you're a single mother in your late 30s living in a small town with only 300 people... the chances don't sound very high. Factor in a serious commitment to yoga and conscious relationship - whatever that means - and it seemed the chances were even less. But I wanted a relationship, wholeheartedly, and so I did what I could to open up to this … [Read more...]

Wound-Relating: When Relationships Break Us Open and Set Us Free


by Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat Last year I wrote in detail about my desire for a relationship, moving into a relationship, the issues that came up in the relationship and then… nothing! What happened! Obviously, much has unfolded, and the strange thing about using my own life to illustrate a process of yoga and self-inquiry is that when I start a story, I feel obligated to finish it. Kind of like Charles Dickens when he was serialising Two Cities… he wouldn’t stop before the end … [Read more...]