The yoga foundations you need to safely begin & build your home yoga practice

Six separate hour-long audio yoga practices with supporting photobook

Melissa03You know you want to practice yoga at home, but you don’t know what practice to do.

 ~ What if you injure yourself?
 ~ What if you do the postures wrong?
 ~ How do you know what posture to do next?
 ~ How do you breathe properly? When is the inhale? When is the exhale?

You’ve got a stack of other yoga DVDs and books but they’re complicated, fast, and difficult to follow. The instructors speak and move at speed and you struggle to keep up. You just don’t know if you’re doing the postures right and you’re not sure how or when to breathe.

You need a solid grounding in the basics of yoga – the kind of grounding that makes you feel safe, supported and cared for as you develop your own inner teacher.

You need a practice that is interesting, and progressive, and unfolds in a way that meets you wherever you are as a practitioner. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or experienced yoga student, you will benefit from connecting, or re-connecting, to the foundation practices.

This is a practice you’ll use, day in and day out.

When we can do the simple things with precision, strength & ease, the complicated things are simply less complicated.

Trying to practice at home while you struggle to remember the postures and get it right can be frustrating and make you feel inadequate and worthless.

“Who am I to practice at home anyway? I don’t know enough.”

You do know enough – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need more support – the kind of support that the MYOGA Basics Series Photobook and CD Set offers.

Hi, I’m Melissa Billington, a Kripalu-trained and E-RYT yoga teacher based in Wellington, New Zealand. I teach my own fusion-style called MYOGA – Freedom to Unfold.

Melissa Billington teaching yoga

Melissa Billington  @ MYOGA

My role as a teacher is to empower students to empower themselves. I encourage them to evolve from feeling dependent and inadequate to feeling independent and confident on the mat, and beyond.

I encourage my students to tune into themselves, to listen closely to where and who they are and to move consciously from there.

I want my students to own their own yoga practice, which is why it’s called MYOGA.

I know you can practice yoga at home based on what you learn in class – you know more than you think.What you need are the reference tools and support to access and act on your knowledge.

I created the MYOGA Basics Series to act as a bridge between yoga classes, and a home yoga practice.

Feedback for MYOGA Basics Series

Barbara-WoodsIn two short weeks I’ve noticed increased core strength; more joint mobility and agility in general… and in regards to my serious back injury recovery, a lot less stiffness and pain; more strength in my left foot and leg where I had referring nerve impingement from the back injury. In general, I’m sleeping better and dealing with a stressful work situation with much more ease than I was handling it last month.  The problems at work are still frustrating but I’m finding it easier to let them go or even find a way to joke about the situation. - Barbara Woods

The MYOGA Basics Series is a detailed, slow, supportive, progressive set of six practices that take you through the foundation of yoga. With this, you will feel empowered, capable, and connected to your own wisdom.

The MYOGA Basics Series is independent of any particular yoga style. You can use this Series with any other teachers and styles, maybe even studying regularly with one teacher, but it gives you independence from that teacher so you can still find your own way into yoga. MYOGA is your yoga. 

Find out for yourself:

Download a sample page from the MYOGA Basics Series photobook here

Listen to an Audio Sample: Basic 1 Series, Week 3 of 6 – Teaser

At it’s core, yoga is a personal practice. This is when we develop our own inner teacher or wisdom. The MYOGA Basics Series provides the scaffolding to support your transition.

You never have to worry about what you’re going to practice again – choose which of the  six practices is right for you today, put the audio on, refer to the photobook if you still need to, tune into your breath and your own inner teacher, and allow the flow to unfold.

Are you ready to unfold?

The MYOGA Basics Series Hardcopy includes:

  • A CD of 6+ hours of professional audio recordings to lead you through six separate practices. Transfer the audio files to your laptop, computer, iPad, iPhone or MP3 player. The recordings are MP3s so will only play on MP3 compatible CD players.
  • A photo book including 50+ pages of color photographs as a visual aide to the audio.
  • A series focused on learning to breathe, opening extremities, creating freedom in the hip and shoulder mantles, developing core strength and spinal flexibility.
  • Practices that build in complexity from learning to breathe in week 1 to learning Downward Dog in week 6.
  • Shipping costs: New Zealand = $FREE, Australia = $NZFREE, Rest of World = $NZ15

MYOGA Basics Series Hard Copy $NZ 49

The MYOGA Basics Series Electronic Download includes:

  • A link to download of 6+ hours of professional audio recordings to lead you through six separate practices. (Please note the download is via Soundcloud and you can’t download directly to iPhone or iPad – you have to download to a regular computer first and then transfer the files across.)
  • A PDF photo book including 50+ pages of color photographs as a visual aide to the audio.
  • A series focused on learning to breathe, opening extremities, creating freedom in the hip and shoulder mantles, developing core strength and spinal flexibility.
  • Practices that build in complexity from learning to breathe in week 1 to learning Downward Dog in week 6.

MYOGA Basics Series Photobook PDF & Audio Download $NZ 42

Feedback for the MYOGA Basics Series

LynnI recently purchased Melissa’s Basics Course.  It is an excellent tool to enhance your awareness of the body, the postures, and most particularly, the breath. It is easy to follow –very clear and articulate.  She directs her instructions in a way that all the senses and the breath are involved and as she says, “you inhabit your body.” Daily use has begun to make changes in my physiology . - Lynn Carr, Licensed Massage Therapist, Ithaca, New York

About Melissa Billington

Melissa-Bio-PhotoMy own personal practice evolved out of an economic need to practice on my own, due to living in places and times when I did not have the resources to practice with others.MYOGA’s approach & sequencing evolved out of my self-regulated practice.

While I experienced other teachers and I highly valued and applied the one-on-one tutelage I had with them, I did not feel dependent on them for constant oversight. I have always applied rigorous self-inquiry and encouraged others to experiment with the same.

In these past 12 years of teaching, I have focused on empowering people to empower themselves.  This came from my own journey of studying with a few live teachers, but then mostly learning yoga from books, videos, and audio/photo practices that supported my inquisitive and disciplined approach to befriending & empowering mySelf on the mat.  Disciplined meaning, ‘to be a disciple to one’s highest self/truth.’

If that sounds far-fetched, give it a try for yourSelf and discover what surfaces!


2002: 200-hour Teacher Certification at Kripalu.
2003: Certification in Pregnancy Yoga
2004: Positional Release Therapy Certification
2009: Certification in Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Training

I have also been a member of the Kripalu Yoga Teacher’s Association & am a current member of the Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT, meaning I have taught 1000+ hours). Plus I’m registered with the New Zealand branch of the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA).

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an advanced or experienced yoga student – this looks, well, too basic!

When we can do the simple things with precision, strength and ease, the complicated things are simply less complicated. I don’t know about you, as one “Advanced” practitioner to another, but I all-ways come back to the Basics. It’s like brushing your teeth — it’s best done regularly and simply. I love Ana Forrest’s quote:

“Beginning and advanced students are easy to teach (because they know they don’t know anything). It is the intermediate students that are difficult because they think they know something.”

Why do you deliver audio instead of video?

Part of connecting to guru dev (divine wisdom within) is learning to listen. When the eyes are focused, the mind is focused. Learning to listen to audio, to absorb direction through your ears, instead of following with your eyes, means the difference between creating and imitating. It’s the difference between reading a book and watching a film of the book. You have a chance to apply your creative mind, instead of being told what to focus on! The still photos are like signposts—head in this direction—but they are not meant to be any more than guides to what you discover in your own body & breath.

More feedback for MYOGA Basics Series

Jo20smilesThe Myoga basics series is amazing, I absolutely loved it.  For me there are some key elements that make this series very special.  I love that there is a real emphasis on opening the body, so before you move into the stronger, standing postures there is a lot of time and space given to opening the joints of the body, and preparing the body and mind for the more challenging postures.

This is wonderful as we can often perceive yoga to be very pretzel like or to require great physical strength, when really yoga is the connection of body and breath, and the simplest posture is yoga, if done with awareness.  I felt moving through the weeks like a butterfly, or like an infant, moving from being small and contained, practicing gentle movements that were developing my spine and musculature, and on to deeper stronger postures where my whole body was opening up, expanding and growing.

As I contemplated on this more, I realised that this is Melissa’s logo and catchphrase, the butterfly – Myoga, Freedom to Unfold – and it was an aha moment.  Melissa has developed this sequence of practices that can help us do just that – unfold, from caterpillar to butterfly.  ~ Jo Vernon, Hutt Yoga, New Zealand

Commit to your home yoga practice today.

MYOGA Basics Series Hard Copy $NZ 49

MYOGA Basics Series Photobook PDF & Audio Download $NZ 42

More feedback for MYOGA Basics Series

I have tried yoga at home in the past and all attempts have been pretty non-committal and pretty lack lustre and absolutely half-hearted. Last week I started using Melissa’s basics series and it’s a whole new process for home yogis. Firstly – it is in real time – it’s not rushed like your general DVDs. so you know where you should be. Melissa’s instruction is so clear and reassuring and very very calming. She calmly points out how you should feel in each position and relates it to important body parts for each new position and then there is a manual to refer to which cleverly links up to her words. Emma Hoey, Titahi Bay, New Zealand

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