Is peace on earth possible? Yes, yes it is. Today.

Peace on earth is possible, right now

Peace on earth is possible, right now

by Kara-Leah GrantMusings from the Mat

Peace on earth? Possible?

Yes. Not sometime off in the future. But right now. Peace is possible – in my heart, and in yours too. I know this. And I know you know it too, although you may not have remembered it. Yet.

Each day, small reminders of the power of now seep into my bones and make me feel grateful for being alive. For the work I’ve done to change the way I perceive the world. For the road I’ve travelled and the path I’ve been on. And now, the work is done. The path has disappeared. All that remains is perception.

Just perception.

For when all else falls away – all the identities, all the roles, all the drama, all the struggle, all the suffering, all the resistance – what else remains? If we are not our thoughts, not our feelings, not even our bodies, then what remains? When the past ceases to exist and the future fades and we step fully into the present, what else is there?

Music playing on the stereo. A child asking for a banana, without a bowl. A car driving past. Tears in my eyes as my heart softens and I feel the sweetness of being at home. Not in a place, nor a town, or even a country, but inside me. Whoever that is. Whoever it is I’m required to be in the moment.

A mother. A writer. A friend. A sister. A daughter. A yoga teacher. A businesswoman. All just roles in the great drama of life. not who I truly am, but who I play. Who I truly am, plays these roles. The roles – they come and go and shift and change as life comes and goes and shifts and change.

I remain.

At peace with what is because how can perception be anything else?

It’s a beautiful day. Don’t let it get away. Listen to the music. Feel the sun the wind the rain. See the birds, see the spiders, see the bees, see the people. See, truly see. Feel your heart beating, the expansion of your inhale and the surrender of your exhale, feel your feet on the ground and know that you are here. Know this this is all there is. That this is all there ever will be.

If peace is possible, it must be possible right now. If love is possible, it must be possible right now. If joy is possible, it’s here. Now.

Those concerns of the mind – the thoughts that circle and worry and fret? Just thoughts. Not who you truly are. Watch them. See them. Watch them come. Watch them go. Now they’re here. Now they’re not. Do they matter? Not worth worrying about. They’ll go. Before they come again.

There they are again.

What lies beneath? Who’s watching those thoughts? Who is the watcher?

There never was a better time to be. This is the time. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for… this moment. And this one. And this one too. What will you do with this moment? Such a precious, precious time, this moment. And this one too.

Call someone you love. Hug someone you love. Kiss someone you love. Just love. Be love. You are love, the source of Love. It flows through you, of you, because of you.

Once upon a time the human race loved to make up stories about who they were and what they were doing and where they were going and what they would do when they finally got where they were going and how amazing it was all going to be one day.

One day.

Why not this day.

Can this day be that one day?

That one day we’ve all been waiting for?


It can.


You’ve arrived.

One day is today.



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