How do I Open My Third Eye?

Open your eye

Open your eye

by Kara-Leah Grant

Many people may think the concept of the third eye is metaphorical, or even mythical.

But all of the concepts explained through yoga, including chakra and maya kosha (the five bodies) are experiential.

That is, as you practice yoga, you actually experience the reality that these concepts explain.

After all – how do you think these ideas come about in the first place? They weren’t made up, or imagined. Yogis experienced them in their practice and then described the reality they were living in.

So, some background on the third eye: Located in the middle of our forehead, about where the pituitary gland is, the third eye is in the centre of our sixth chakra (anja chakra). Many yoga practices focus on opening this eye, so we can ‘see’. To see means to become aware of the vast amounts of information available to us that don’t necessarily come through our other five senses. Those who can use their third eye are sometimes called “seers” or simply… “see-ers”.

The third eye is the seat of visions, of clairvoyance, of higher consciousness.

I have been working with a series of pranayama and meditation for sometime now that directly works on opening the third eye – Third Eye opening and balancing class published by Anmol Mehta on his wonderful yoga and meditation website.

So does it work?

Well… yes. It does. But it’s very important to remember that anja chakra is the sixth chakra – it comes after, in particular, the heart chakra. If your heart is not yet open… and you leap directly into attempting to open your third eye, your intentions and motivations for achieving this opening may not be heart-centred. And that can lead to complications. Yoga is a powerful practice, it has very real and dynamic changes on our perception and experience of reality.

Suddenly finding yourself with an open third eye and no awareness or ability to be able to process the vast amounts of information or the nature of the way your perception of reality has changed can be disorientating to say the least, and madness to say the most :)

So when my reader asked this question, I wanted to meditate on how to answer his query fully. As a teacher, I was mindful of my responsibility to not pass information along until a student is ready – something nigh on impossible given the nature of the internet! Anyone can literally find anything, regardless of whether they are ready to process it or not, and apply it willy nilly in their lives… and I’m sure I’ve done this myself.

The following words came as a direct answer to that question.

How Do I Open my Third Eye?

Why do you wish to open the third eye?

It is already open, it is just that you see through it not.

Yes, the eye never closes, but you do not look.

You are blinded.

So you can not ‘open’ the eye in this way that you talk.


Instead, seek to open your heart.

For it is in the opening of the heart that we release all attachment to the follies and beliefs that cloud our vision and make us unable to see.

Know too that the third eye is real.

It exists.

You can feel it.

You can see through it.

It is as the ocean is.

The third eye is not an abstract concept.

No, it is real.

And it matters not if you believe or don’t believe.

We do not care.

That you seek to open it means you are open to knowing.

That you think you have any influence over it means you do not yet understand that all is as it is and you can’t ‘do’ anything.

No, better to surrender all notions of activating your third eye and bring your attention into your heart.

For when your heart is open, you connect with fellow humans, and surely this is more important that whether you can see, or not see?

Why do we tell you to open your heart?

Because you have the power to close your heart, to restrict the flow of energy that comes from Source and connects you to all that is…

And, therefore, you have the power to open it up.

So first, open your heart.

And then, you will see.

Because when you open your heart, you connect with the energetic life force of the Universe, you connect with all consciousness.

This connections flows through your body, your mind, your soul, your heart.

From this place of connection, you can drop all limiting beliefs and drop your limited perspective of separateness.

And then you see




to see

Is not the third eye now open?


  1. says

    KL, a beautiful post and awesome reminder. I’ve been torn recently between pushing myself in growth vs allowing the growth to occur naturally — to lay the foundation and let it happen when it will. A fantastic message for me, at the perfect time!

    I’ve really been enjoying your articles! Thanks for all the great work!!

  2. Kara-Leah Grant says

    Hey Jeff,

    Lovely to have you stop by! I guess when we’re keen to grow, for whatever reason, it’s always good to take a look out the window at a tree, or a flower, which reminds us that growth happens naturally. All we need to do it not block it.

    Hey Michael,

    My pleasure – thanks for stopping by.


  3. says

    Beautiful article, KL. So true, the heart is the bridge between the lower three and upper three chakras. Without the heart, we do not have access to our inner wisdom or Divine Creator aspect. Great stuff.

    Incidentally, I once had a huge third-eye opening during a yoga class. I was just enjoying down-dog and then – boom – I could hardly see. It went on for about three days. Amazing what can happen!


  4. Kara-Leah Grant says

    Hey Andrea,

    Wow – isn’t it ironic that when our third eye does open… sometimes our other two eyes have trouble functioning.

    I love your description of the heart as the bridge between the lower three and upper three chakras too. Below we are focused on survival and controlling external circumstances, above we are focused on creating and making internal choices… and the heart is the key to it all.


  5. Kara-Leah Grant says

    Hey RoK!

    Lovely to see you again – and yes, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me on this site. Thanks for the wishes, most appreciated.


  6. Ron says

    It takes time to open the eye, but worth it. Try to Astral project, even if U fail at it, ur 3rd eye will be stronger.
    Do not use: Sugar, alcohol, caffeine, as they damage it. Drink herbal teas, eat raw vegs, NO meat or very little.

    • Kara-Leah Grant says

      Hey Ron,

      Thanks for your input -have you used these methods yourself with success? And the big question, when the third eye opens, what does one see?

  7. Anneka says

    It takes understanding and knowledge of the world around you. Communication is key. Once you have mastered more then just communication in dream realms and with inanimate objects around (example would be communicating with your car keys to always know where they are) you then you should be able to use it correctly when it opens.

    But when it is opening it hurts like crazy. Usually this chakra does not open or is not noticed until it is needed. This chakra can also grow over understanding and spiritual power. When you first start using it it’s very likely it will only be a small ache in the middle of your forehead and just above your brow. Over time it can grow to be bigger then both of your eyes combined but I really don’t suggest working on turning your eye into a chia pet, cus it gives you a huge throbbing headache right along the area of your eye almost like as if your growing a horn right there. It gives you amazing abilities though, like sight for one it really really clear, and your mind and allows you to see deeper into pressing concerns. One way to deal with the pain of the opening eye stare into someones soul, but having the third eye open for me at least is more of a nascence cus when you’re at this level you can see all this without the eye opening.

    The eye opening is more of a warning of something to come that you will need to see deeper into in order to get the truth. It’s just like any other chakra in the respect of it giving off a feeling only when it it desperately needed or is a concern and needs the use of it’s power.

    If you feel I am wrong then feel free to disagree with me. I’m only informing not telling you what to believe in.

    • Kara-Leah Grant says

      Hey Anneka,

      Wow, you’ve got lot of fascinating information there. I love hearing other people’s internal experiences of the subtle body. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing all of this!

  8. omaso says

    hi plz i need help is it possible for the third eye to open in 3 hours with no experience in meditation i heard this vid on youtube and i meditated on the pineal in the forhead its the 6 chackra i think. the first 2 hours i felt like a strong vacum in my forhead then it was gone. i opened my eyes my vision was strange for 1 hour i couldnt see much of the materyal things in my room and i felt like something is watching me when i looked at it it vanished am telling you its not just energy its a living think another creatures i dont know anyway the second day it opened to and it was stronger i dont know what to do …plz any one who have knowledge contact me on my email or am i just crazy :s

  9. luis says

    well one time i was trng to open my third eye i would practice very day n every time i tryd i guess i faild because i would practice creating ki balls more then one day me n my fiance took a bath together n as she goes in a room i go after n then i have this wierd tingali feeling in my forhead n the i look down n see this color flowing tru me n she had this pink one around her n im like wtf so i search up the meanings of the auras n it said the indago aura means somthing with ur third eye opaning n the pink one means somthing with spiritualy bieng in love or somthing n after that i didint saw my aura indago any more it was just purple n the purple sopuosly means u have phsikick ability from time to time when i kno sombody in family dies or is hurt i feel a tingaly sinsation in my stomech. i justu be in the streets n i guess i was a hoodlum but anyway befor i would get into it with sombody or sombody is looking for me to hurt me my face start to twitch like i cant see my aura like that anymore but i get feelings n i kno if a spirit is near n i get these feeling when im next to sombody thats is not a good person i stop medatating n doing ki balls because there was a lot of problems going on n stuf so i didnt realy had time excersise but after i started opaning my third eyes is started to loose weight with out working out i started to see thing diffrently i would see difrent colors coming out of difrent object excuse my gramer n bad spelling but once i had an Astral projection when i had gone to sleep is like i keept coming out my body in n out n when i came out i saw a white figure n it was my gurdain angle atleast thats what i think but they say that ur gurdian angle turns into the shape of what ever u are more justu or comfterble with any way he was dress in white but with bandana designs on it n he had a hat n bandanas tied to his face i could had been a dream but when i came out my body i would see the hole room n my lil brother sleeping because whe share a room n that was wierd i just one to kno is my third eye closed again or is there somthing clouding my third eye vision help explain because im from philly i dont kno any gurus out here anybody with info let me kno here at my email thank u

    • says

      Hey Luis,

      I would suggest finding a yoga teacher in Philly. No matter what is going on with your third eye, the best thing you can do is regular, grounding yoga practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Ask around and see if anyone can recommend someone for you, check the local library or community centre, or google philly yoga teachers.

      Good luck, and best wishes.

  10. says

    i would like you to tech me how to open my heart then i will open my third eye so i can change the world to a better place with only one nation we will live in peace

    • Kara-Leah Grant says

      Hey Cory,

      Where to start… where to start… Probably the easiest way to experience an open heart is to chant… yes the practice of Kirtan effortlessly opens the heart. You’ll know it when you feel it! Find out where to go to chanting or Kirtan near to where you live and start there.



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