Kara-Leah Grant

KL-VasanasKara-Leah Grant is the publisher, editor and lead writer of The Yoga Lunchbox.

She’s also the author of two books – Forty Days of Yoga and The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga. Thousands of people have used her teachings to develop and maintain a home yoga practice.

Kara-Leah has a talent for exploring the practical application of yoga in daily life on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

On this website and through her articles on Elephant Journal she courageously shares her difficulties, struggles and weaknesses so that other people might learn from her experiences.

This constant exploration of the psyche – motivated in part by her experience of psychosis in 2004 – has given her an intimate understanding of how to work with the psyche and reduce suffering.

 If you’d like to connect or work with Kara-Leah, you can do this a few ways:

1. Sign up for a Home Yoga Practice Support Sessions: One-on-one mentoring through the Forty Days of Yoga process via Skype & Email.

I completed my 40th consecutive day of yoga today. I am so grateful. Your program has changed my life in the most wonderful way. The changes in me – physically, mentally, emotionally – it’s been amazing. Stuff I would have never thought possible. Or perhaps it’s better said that I wouldn’t have even thought of it at all. And now it’s here and glows brighter day by day. I will always be grateful for your part in my transformation. You are one special being. ~ Mark Wuff, Home Yoga Practice Support Session Graduate

2. Attend one of Kara-Leah’s yoga classes.

“THANK YOU for being my yoga teacher! I am very lucky to have met you. I have done yoga here and there for years but you are different and the best teacher I’ve ever had. I enjoyed every moment in your class, you have taught me how to practice yoga from the inside out, and how to be in tune with my body. You are amazing & inspiring.” ~ Irene Siu

3. Work one-on-one with Kara-Leah.

I trust Kara-Leah totally and highly recommend her one-to-one yoga tuition. Kara-Leah has a penetrating understanding of yoga, a profound wisdom and deep compassion. She has an amazing ability to read where my energy is and seems to know exactly what needs to happen next, and this has produced some astounding results (not that yoga is about results!). Her teaching style is rooted in tradition and yet innovative, and Kara-Leah is comfortable adapting in the moment to suit my needs and restriction. Kara-Leah is a gifted teacher…she’s also fun, so expect to laugh as you learn. ~ Tim Roberts

4. Invite Kara-Leah to speak at your event.

5. Buy one of Kara-Leah’s books: Forty Days of Yoga or The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga

The No-More-Excuses Guide to Yoga is a wonderful primer for the hesitant beginning yogi, offering a wealth of information in Kara-Leah’s inimitable, accessible style.” ~ Kelly Fisher, Director of Urban Yoga, Wellington NZ

6. Read Kara-Leah’s column: Musings from the Mat

7. Watch Kara-Leah’s yoga video series: Creative Mandala Surya Namaskar Home Yoga Practice

More about Kara-Leah. 

I’ve been a freelance journalist, a speechwriter for Ministers of Parliament, a go-go dancer, a waitress, a traveller, an office manager, an event organizer, a radio presenter, a model.

I’ve written for the Prime Minister, although I’ve got no idea if he read what I wrote. I’ve interviewed politicians and sports stars and actors on live radio. I’ve been stood up on live radio by Jason Gunn. I bet he doesn’t remember, and yes I was pissed at the time but didn’t have the guts to call him on it. Maybe he forgot and was on the loo.

Oh there’s so many stories I could tell you, wild stories and heart-breaking stories, nail-biting stories and stupid stories. Oh the stories… the people I’ve been and the places I’ve seen!

Yoga has totally transformed Kara-Leah’s life. Ten years ago she was in serious daily agony with major back issues. Her right foot was half numb, she walked with a limp, and was headed straight to surgery for yet another spinal fusion – she had her first spinal fusion at age 16.

Instead of buying into the viewpoints of the doctors Kara-Leah decided she was going to take responsibility for her own health and figure out a different was to heal herself.

Yoga was one of the tools that over time, with patience and persistence, healed her back. No more limp, no more numbness, no more surgery.

It was probably inevitable Kara-Leah would end up teaching yoga – she was the child of two teachers, and she taught dance teacher and math as a teenager. Teaching was just in her blood. And in the end, she didn’t have much choice in the matter  – one day her yoga teacher didn’t show up for class, so Kara-Leah voluntarily stepped up.

That was eight years ago and Kara-Leah has been teaching yoga ever since – in her own playful, exploratory, cross-pollinating way.

Cross-pollination of music, dance, Madonna & yoga.

Yoga Rhythms: Yoga Trance Dance with DJ R.I.A.